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The Innocent by Taylor Stevens (Review #3)

What this book is about. Eight years ago, a man walked five – year – old Hannah out the front doors of her school and spirited her over the Mexican border, taking her into the world of a cult known as The Chosen. Now, after years of searching, childhood survivors of the group have found the girl in Argentina. But getting her out is a whole new challenge. For the rescue they need someone who is brilliant, fearless and utterly ruthless. They need Vanessa Michael Munroe.  Because the only way to get Hannah out is for Munroe to go in…
How this book made me feel. This is a second book in Vanessa Munroe series.  This new job was very needed, after character’s African adventures. (The Informationist) It makes me feel that author puts a lot of effort in making her research about the environment she is going to write. I loved all the details about the cult she mentioned and I am really glad she wrote this book because it educates people about what might possibly be going on inside such cults and how it makes people feelafter they leave them. I do understand it is fictional work, but it was very close to all the documentaries I have seen regarding cults. This book is not very fast paced but there is a lot of insight to how Munroe’s brain works and her ability to integrate in to the situations. The ending could’ve been little more tense, but I was not disappointed with it.  It is captivating book, it sucks you in and doesn’t let you down.
My Rating. 9/10
You can get this book here. The Innocent (Vanessa Munroe)

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