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This is the House by Shelley Smith (Review #9)

The description of the book: Julia Jacques has been paralysed for five years… Confined to her bed in the house built by her husband, she is a threat to no one. So it comes as a shock to everyone when she is found dead. Not daring to believe that her death was malicious, Julia is buried and the family attempt to move on. Until tragedy strikes again, when Julia’s son Raoul is viciously murdered. An author of crime fiction, Quentin Seal steps up to take on the challenge of finding the murderer. But reality is far more complex than fiction, Quentin soon finds, as the killer’s motives appear more and more sinister… Was Julia murdered? Who is responsible for Raoul’s death? And how do these two connect? It soon becomes clear that no one is telling the truth as Quentin finds himself caught up in a twisted web of lies, witchcraft and secrecy, leading to disastrous consequences. This Is The House is a fast-paced murder mystery where the lines between truth and lies are blurred, Quentin must decide who to trust and who to never turn his back to…
How this book made me feel: I would like to begin by saying that this book left me confused.  When I began reading it, I was so bored that I was thinking I made a bad decision by starting reading it. Once I got to Raoul’s murder, that’s when I started changing my mind to the positive side.  The whole book is written in very interesting manner. It has this mixture of ” French meets English “ style. The language used in the book is very refined, sophisticated but at the same time not difficult to read. It seems like the story was happening in old times but at the same time it felt really modern.
The characters in this book were really interesting and had personalities.  All of them were really mysterious, it seemed that every each of them has a secret which they were trying to hide. The main character, Mr. Seal, feels like Sherlock Holmes in French environment to me, which is quite entertaining and amusing.  What I really liked about the book was twists and turns. There were things constantly happening and it wasn’t dragged uselessly.  It has a good ending which leaves you satisfied with how the story turned out. Even though the beginning of the book wasn’t quite interesting and went slow for me, it is quite good book, which takes you in as you continue reading it. And if you love crime, black magic, and romance in the same place, give it a try and you might be pleasantly surprised.
My rating: 8/10
Thank you very much to publisher Endeavour Press and to NetGalley for this book.
Background picture done by Pooja Shirgurkar
You can get this book here: This Is The House

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