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Purgatory Road by Samuel Parker (Review # 11)

Thanks to publisher – Revell and NetGalley for review copy.
Genre:  Thriller/ General Fiction (Adult)
Release date: 03/01/ 2017
Price: £8.99 (GBP)
Pages: ~304
My rating: 9 /10 (9 because it literally gave me nightmares 😦 )
You can get this book here:Purgatory Road
Summed up in few words:  mystery, violence, complicated relationships, need for survival.
Description of the book: When a day trip out of Las Vegas with his wife takes a turn for the worse, Jack is sure that he has the ability to get them home. But he drove into something far beyond reason. Rescue comes in the form of a desert hermit, but hope fades as the couple comes to realise that the nomad has no intention of letting them leave. A chance encounter with a kidnapped runaway and her crazed abductor leads them all farther into the wilderness–and closer to the cold brutality that isolation brings. At the edge of his sanity, Jack begins to learn that playing by another’s rules may be the only way to survive. In a voice that is as hypnotising as a desert mirage, debut novelist Samuel Parker entices readers down a dangerous road, where the forces of good and evil are as crushing as the Mojave heat. This is suspense in its purest, most unfiltered form.
How this book made me feel: From the first pages I had creeps running down my spine. This story is a nerve – racking, blood – curdling, fearsome piece of art. It started like every second horror movie, couple’s car broke in the middle of nowhere and they need to survive but eventually they will meet someone who wants to kill them. Heard that before, right? But this novel is something different. There is something else lurking around, where it is very hard to explain what it is, and author kept it for your own imagination till the very last page. Was it real or was it just a fruit of imagination, I honestly don’t know. The plot of this book is really disturbing and filled with lots of violence and disturbed characters so if u have weak nerves and fear of violence save yourself from nightmares. I know I had few even though I like these kind of books.
I really enjoyed what author did with the characters, they are very mysterious and all of them have their own secrets which author helps to untangle slowly, torturing with every chapter. There are amazing insights of couple’s relationship problems and hidden feelings towards each other and helps discover their own most secret realisations which they tried to suppress for some time. Characters manipulate with these feelings magnificently. The book is really fast paced and these chapters are so short, that it grips you so bad that all I could think was “OK, just one more…” and I couldn’t put it down. It is really easy to read this book, because the language used is not difficult so it just flies through. There are a lot of things going on in the book with a lot of turns and twists which made it even more interesting and gripping. The ending was really enjoyable as well not like the ones you see in horror movies. To conclude, I would strongly recommend this book to all out there who got strong nerves and would like some spine – chilling story to read.
About the Author: Samuel Parker was born in the Michigan boondocks but was raised on a never-ending road trip through the U.S. Besides writing, he is a process junkie and the ex-guitarist for several metal bands you’ve never heard of. He lives in West Michigan with his wife and twin sons.

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