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Tattletale By Sarah J. Naughton (Review # 22)

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Thank You very much to publisher – Orion Publishing Group / Trapeze and Net Galley for a review copy.
Genre: General Fiction (Adult)/ Mystery & Thrillers 
Release date: 23 03 2017
Price*:£ 2.99 (GBP)/ $ 12.34 (USD)
Pages: ~336
My rating: 9/10
You can get this book here:
Summed up in few words: Mental illnesses, confusion between imagination and reality, seeking of revenge, different ways to love.
The description of the book: One day changes Jody’s life forever.
She has shut herself down, haunted by her memories and unable to trust anyone. But then she meets Abe, the perfect stranger next door and suddenly life seems full of possibility and hope.
One day changes Mags’s life forever.
After years of estrangement from her family, Mags receives a shocking phone call. Her brother Abe is in hospital and no-one knows what happened to him. She meets his fiance Jody, and gradually pieces together the ruins of the life she left behind. But the pieces don’t quite seem to fit…
How this book made me feel: When I read the description of this book it got me intrigued, and kept me that way till the very last page. This is an incredible story of two completely different women, and how a tragedy brought them closer together.  Somehow for me, when the characters of the book are really messed up, the book gets way more interesting. In this case, it was the same situation. The main characters of this book are Mags and Jody. Mags is this confident, strong, cruel Las Vegas lawyer, who can save even the worst criminals from jail. Jody is extremely shy, scared, fragile, delusional skinny girl, who is frightened of everything. They are complete opposites; one of them has what the other one is missing. Both of them had some serious and horrible childhood tragedies, which shaped their personalities and their outlook to world. I, personally, really enjoyed Mags character, she owns her life, she is strong and independent, who knows what she wants from life. I think that the characters of the book are really interesting; all of them have a personality, and interesting story to tell to the novel. I loved that the author allowed all the characters to participate in this book, and tell their story to the world. It made the book richer, and more appealing for me as a reader. 
The plot of this book was happening in a poor neighbourhood in London, in this strange church, converted into flats for people with some difficulties. The area itself suited the characters really well, and made the whole novel more mysterious for me. I thought that the author revealed the murderer too quickly, and was very upset about it, but it turned out to be just another twist of this novel. This book kept the suspense running smoothly throughout the book, and there were plenty of twists and turns.  I really enjoyed that there were few stories carried at the same time, the ones which were happening at present day, and the other one which was about Jody’s past. I really appreciate that author included the past of Jody. It was incredibly interesting, and explained a lot of things. This book showed that even a toughest human can love in many different ways. I’m grateful, that author discussed such topics as paedophilia, and how it influences people; extreme religiousness of the parents, and how it influence their children’s future; stigmas and public views of gays which still happens in Muslim countries, and how gay people try to deal with it. 
This book was really easy to read for me. The language used was easy to understand and not difficult, perfect for pleasant reading. The chapters were short and not dragged uselessly. I would like to draw attention to the fact, that there are some disturbing scenes in this book, which sensitive people might find distressing. So if you easy grossed out, this book is not for you. I really enjoyed the ending of this book; it was very well thought through and rounded up the entire story really nicely. Even at the ending author managed to give a pleasant surprise. I think it’s a great job of this author, as this is her first adult novel. So to conclude, I really enjoyed this great book full of twists, turns, tragedy and love. 
About the author: Sarah J. Naughton grew up in Dorset, on a diet of tales of imperial heroines and wolves of disguise. As an adult her reading matter changed but those dark fairy-tales had deep roots. Her debut children’s thriller, THE HANGED MAN RISES, featured a fiend from beyond the grave menacing the streets of Victorian London, and was shortlisted for the 2013 Costa award. TATTLETALE is her first adult novel, and has a monster of a different kind. Sarah lives in Central London with her husband and two sons.
*-the price was taken from and at current date. Price might change at your time of purchase.

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