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Grim Ambition (A Grim Trilogy #1) by Jennifer Reinfried (Review #27)

Thank You very much to the Author for a review copy.
Genre: General Fiction (Adult)
Release date: 24 03 2017
Price*:£ 4.84 (GBP)/ $ 13.50 (USD)
Pages: ~ 436
My rating: 8/10
You can get this book here:
Summed up in few words: Different super hero, unexpected turns, power of seduction.
The description of the book: Aspiring crime boss Emma McRae knows about superheroes. Used for her beauty and enticing demeanour, Emma has been entangled in the underground crime life since she was a little girl. No one has ever left the crime syndicate except in a body bag, and Emma is trapped in her current, low-level role. 
A calculated attack by the city’s superhero, Grim, throws Emma’s employer and his well-oiled business into chaos. Eager to impress and finally move up to better jobs – and more respect – Emma doesn’t hesitate to accept the order to infiltrate the vigilante’s life. 
Her targets include Shawn Thorton and his adoptive brother, Jaxon Rettig. Legally blind from a young age, Shawn doesn’t seem like much of a threat, but harbors a secret: with the help of neurostimulating lenses, he is Grim, and has been targeting Vance’s syndicate with ruthless ambition. Unaware of each other’s cold-blooded goals, Shawn and Emma begin to fall for each other. She was born into the criminal life, but through Shawn, begins to question if she’s on the wrong side of the fight. 
Emma wants to expose Grim’s secret identity and claim his power before her employer decides she’s a liability and fits her for a fancy pair of cement Jimmy Choos. Jaxon, who wants a better role than “tech-savvy sidekick,” longs to take the fighting into his own hands. Shawn must choose between protecting his jealous brother and falling for the appealing Emma, who might be the arch nemesis that brings the superhero to his knees. 
How this book made me feel: This book was offered to me by Jennifer Reinfried, and even though I’m not big fan of “Marvel” and super heroes, I got interested in this book, because the “bad girl” was involved into finding out, who Grim was. That was what drew me to this book, and it was quite a nice read for me. This is a book about good and evil, and that sometimes evil can swap sides. The description of the book is quite detailed, so I don’t see a need to add anything. 
This book is full of diverse characters, and any reader will have a variety to choose from as their favourites.  In this case my most favourite was Alex, the cruel and vicious right hand of Mafia’s head Vance. Let me explain you why. From all of the characters, he was the most interesting one. He had everything what great villain would need: cruel, ruthless, smart, cunning, good looking and a little bit psychotic. I personally think he was the best rounded character from all of them. I believe that Shawn needed to be a little bit more extraordinary, so knowing how to drive a car and how to shoot, when you are blind would’ve been something “wow”.  Emma, was my least favourite one. She was not smart, and her way up was literary though bed, her way into infiltration through seduction and bed. She chose the easiest ways which made her really boring to me. Jaxon was quite interesting as well. It was visible that he knows more than he gives away, and he has plenty of secrets to share with the readers in upcoming books.  I was really glad, that author wrote this book including more than one character. More voices in the book helps to understand the characters better, and made it more interesting for me, as a reader.
There was a whole short story about Henry, the lawyer, but in the book he disappears quite quickly. It was quite strange to me. The characters have quite a short life span in this book, that’s why I’m interested to see what author has “up her sleeve”.  This story has some great twists and turns, which keeps the interest going. I really liked the flashbacks from Shawn’s past, and I think, that in another parts of this sequel, it will unfold even more. As I mentioned before, this book is not typical super hero book, Grim has his flaws and his strengths, the girl who was devoted mafia’s poppet got confused in what she is going to do further, so that’s quite unusual and at the same time refreshing. I really loved, that at the end of the book, author put the portraits of the main characters that was absolutely awesome. I loved, that I could compare them with the ones of my imagination.  
The writing style of this book is easy to understand, but it contains some erotic scenes, so it is not suitable for younger readers. The chapters are not long in this book, so it doesn’t drag along. There is quite a lot of action going on in the book, so it is fun to read it. The ending of the book is quite well thought through, and it leaves that cliff hanger to keep you guessing of what will happen next. So to conclude, if you looking for some super hero action, which is different and refreshing, give it a go and you might be surprised. I am really interested to see, what other parts of this series will bring.  
About the Author: Born and raised in the Midwest, Jennifer never thought that she could actually write a book. Granted, her parents always urged her to write, considering she always had her nose stuck in a book starting at the age of two, and would never be seen without one to three books on her at any given time. She got her love of the written word from her father, and her tenacity from her mother, and eventually, she tried her hand at a full length novel. She is currently writing the third book of the trilogy. See the trilogy’s site, including character art and bios, at
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