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#BlogTour #Extract The Red Beach Hut By Lynn Michell @InspiredQuill @LinenPressBooks

I am very excited about my stop on this great Book Blog Tour, and I would like to share with you all an extract from the book. ENJOY!!! 🙂


Publisher: Inspired Quill
Genre: General Fiction (Adult)
Release date: 04 10 2017
Price*:Kindle £ 1.99 (GBP)/ Paperback £8.99 (GBP)
Kindle $ 2.58 (USD)/ Paperback $12.99 (USD)
Pages: ~ 171
You can get this book here:

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Inspired Quill

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Description of the book: “Their eyes met and locked. Pulling his hand from his pocket, Neville waved. Once.”
Eight year old Neville is the first to notice that the red beach hut is occupied again.
Abbott, panicked by what he believes is a homophobic cyber attack, is on the run. The
hut is his refuge and shelter. Inevitably man and boy collide. Their fleeting friendship is poignant, honest and healing. But Abbot’s past threatens to tear him away, as others watch and self-interpret what they see. An evocative portrayal of two outsiders who find companionship on a lonely beach, Lynn Michell’s novel is about the labels we give people who are different, and the harm that ensues.


Day 6

‘ARE YOU A STRANGER?’ he asked, matter-of-fact, twisting round from his seat on the bottom step. A concentric circle of pebbles curled round and round from large to small like a snails’s shell. ‘Twenty-four,’ he said, ‘but I can’t find any more smaller ones.’
‘A stranger,’ Abbott repeated, considering the proposition while he closed the door behind him. The boy’s punctual arrival came as no surprise. From his window, and with wry amusement, he’d seen him walk past the hut several times, back and forth, his mouth moving as he counted his steps before he plumped himself down on the bottom step and stuck his bare legs straight out in front. The same as the previous day. Abbott saw the scabs on his knees and the scuffed shins. Pockets bulging with things he’d found and stored. Thick, wind-tossed curly hair. The tanned skinny arms and legs of a child who spent time outdoors rather than in front of a screen. For a while he watched the boy scoop and sift the sand, picking things out, then saw the snail shape emerge. Looking up occasionally and watching the boy’s progress, Abbott sensed that when absorbed in these self-
imposed challenges, the rest of the world vanished. Yes, even a man in a beach hut whom he wanted to talk to and be his friend. The boy had incredible powers of concentration.
‘Because Mum says I mustn’t talk to strangers.’
‘Quite right.’
His open book of a face snapped shut and his shoulders drooped.
‘But I’m not a stranger because you know where I live and we’ve already met and we’ve been for walks together and we’ve talked quite a bit,’ Abbott continued. ‘What do you think?’
‘I think not.’ With his head on one side, he looked hard at the man’s face. So often he had to guess what grown-ups were thinking and he made mistakes. Like saying Hello to the couple who didn’t like him. It had slipped out on a wave of worry and afterwards he had bitten his lip hard. ‘So can we go for a walk together?’ He ventured, curling back into himself ready for the blow.
‘Why not. To the cove and back? Same as yesterday?’
His face cleared. Storm clouds of worry blew away. Joy and eagerness were as visible as if they had been written in letters on his forehead. And Abbott wondered what kind of a life this child led when an hour’s company on a walk along a flat, featureless beach elicited such strong pleasure.

Before they set off, the boy bounded up the steps and slipped his small hand into the man’s big one. Abbott let it rest there. The gesture spoke of trust and Abbott offered his acceptance. How could he betray it?

About Lynn Michell:

LYNN-by-Nye.jpg I write, have always written, and I run Linen Press, a small indie press for women writers. It’s a fine balancing act but ever since I watched Elvira Madigan, I’ve secretly wanted to be a tight rope walker.
My fourteen books are published by HarperCollins, Longman and The Women’s Press and include an illustrated writing scheme for schools, and Shattered, a book about living with ME. Those closest to my heart are fiction: Letters To My Semi-Detached Son, my debut novel set in Kenya, White Lies and my latest novel The Red Beach Hut. When not writing or editing, you’ll find me building a house and creating a landscape out of rocks in an oak clearing high above a small village in southern France. Hands on.

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