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Publisher: Globeflower Books / The Globeflower Agency
Genre: Psychological / Family Drama
Release date: 01 11 2017
Price*:Kindle £1.99 (GBP)/  Paperback £8.99 (GBP)
Kindle $2.70 (USD)/ Paperback $11.99 (USD)
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Pages: ~ 280
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Description of the book: People in the village gossip about Grace’s son, Alfie. He’s a lonely boy full of secrets, lies, and obsessive thoughts. How far can a mother’s love go? Will she ultimately sacrifice her life for his?

Set in Nottinghamshire, this family drama follows the lives of Grace and Alfie as he transforms from a naïve, young boy into a teenager spiralling out of control. Love, Secrets, and Absolution is a coming of age story with a difference. Deceit, betrayal, love, and addiction, a family falling apart in the midst of teenage angst and torn loyalties; will anybody find absolution?

Today, on my stop of the blog tour for a book “Love, secrets, and absolution ” by K. L. Loveley, I would like to welcome the author of this book. She wrote a great post for you all. Without further ado, here is K. L. Loveley. Enjoy !!! 🙂

How Writing Has Changed My Life

By the author K.L Loveley

Writing has not only changed my life, it has enhanced it in a profound and wonderful way. I believe that I have an innate drive to write and as sad as this sounds, sometimes I prefer to write down my feelings rather than say them out loud. Writing in my diary and journal is a good example of this. Actually, it is quite helpful in offloading my emotions, thoughts and ideas. That is not to say, I am mute when it comes to expressing myself. No, I can be quite vocal when needed.

Here’s the thing, during a conversation, words flow out of my mouth sometimes without much thought going into them, I don’t mind admitting that. Of course, the times when it really matters what I say, then I am much more careful. However, when I write the spoken word, I put much more thought into the content. Sometimes, writing an e-mail or a letter can be more productive than a garbled conversation. Following a conversation, I reflect back and think, oh I should have mentioned such and such, or I might regret saying something. The spoken word cannot be erased as easy as the written word. Perhaps this is why texting is popular, providing it is done with due care.

Writing fictional stories and poetry feeds my creativity and therefore contributes to my well-being. I have so many ideas for future novels, my mind is constantly alert to potential twists and plots to add to the narrative. I now carry a notebook with me where ever I go and jot down interesting snippets of information or character descriptions. People watching enables me to develop new and interesting characters.

Since the publication of my first novel Alice I have tried to write every day, whereas before, the writing was purely for pleasure. Fortunately for me, I have now retired from my work as an NHS Nurse, therefore I have the luxury of time on my hands. The time that I can use productively. This is no coincidence. I always planned to concentrate on my writing once I finished work and thankfully, my dream to become a published author has been realised.

Prior to becoming a published author, I had never written a blog post or had an interview for a magazine or news journal. Getting involved with the publicity and marketing side of being a writer has been a huge learning curve for me. Fortunately, my daughter has taught me how to manage the social platforms that she very kindly developed.

With the exception of celebrity writers, I guess that most authors are not comfortable making a public appearance. Especially one who prefers to keep a low profile. This is not easy for me, it is something I need to come to terms with. However, in our multi-media world, one needs to be seen and heard in addition to being read. Perhaps in time my confidence will increase and who knows, I might one day actually enjoy it.

About The Author:

K-L-Loveley author image.jpgK. L Loveley is a former nurse, who has seen, heard, and dealt with a wide range of medical, social and family dramas. She has used her nursing experience, along with her excellent people-watching skills to create fascinating characters and intriguing scenarios within her books. She writes contemporary fiction, psychological dramas and poetry.

Her debut novel ‘Alice’ was published in February 2017, and the story tackles alcoholism head-on and presents the reader with an empathetic account of a spiralling addiction and the resulting pattern of hopelessness that many fall into.

K.L Loveley’s second novel ‘Love, Secrets, and Absolution: An emotional and gripping psychological, family drama’ is a coming of age story with a difference. Deceit, betrayal, love, and addiction, this story is about a family falling apart in the midst of teenage angst and torn loyalties. If you enjoy reading authors like Jodi Picoult and Diane Chamberlain, you will enjoy K.L Loveley!

K.L Loveley lives in Nottinghamshire, England and loves socialising with friends and family. She is an avid reader and enjoys a variety of genres including psychological, thrillers and historical fiction. Her favourite authors include John le Carré, K.L Slater, Marian Keyes and Philippa Gregory.

Website / Facebook Goodreads / Google + / Linkedin / Twitter –  @K_L_Loveley 

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