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#BookReview Dinner At The Happy Skeleton By Chris Chalmers


Thank You very much to the author for the advanced review copy.
Publisher: J. Mendel Books
Genre: General Fiction (Adult) / LGBT
Release date: 02 11 2017
Price*:Kindle £4.47 (GBP)/  Paperback £ 8.99 (GBP)
Kindle $5.90 (USD)/ Paperback $11.55 (USD)
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Pages: ~ 252
My rating: 7/10
You can get this book here:
Amazon UK
What I learned from this book: I learned a lot about gay guys and their lifestyle.

Description of the book: Dan is the kind of gay man for whom the Noughties might have been named. Warm, witty and serially promiscuous, his heart melts at the sight of a chocolate brown Labrador — but with men, it’s a different matter. He’s thirty-nine and as single as ever, not counting the couple he just met online. An arrangement that looks oddly like it’s going somewhere until Dan gets fired from his job in advertising. With time out and a payoff in his pocket, summer presents a world of possibilities; just as the memories surface of the ex he blames for the thinly-veiled chaos of his life.

From London to Ljubljana, a yen for closure sets Dan on the trail of the man who fed his ego into a shredder. Through an eerie encounter at the home of the Olympiad and a sleepover at the Dutch Embassy, run-ins with a fading porn star and the celestial manifestation of Margaret Thatcher, he ultimately confronts his past. Until, with his Big Four-O rapidly approaching, destiny beckons from where he least expects it.

How this book made me feel: When I was approached by the author, I was a little bit unsure, how I am going to react to this book. Before this book, I haven’t read other books about gay guys, but because I like to read different types of books (you will not know whether you like it until you try it), I decided to give this book a go, and I had very educational experience with this novel.

The blurb above described this novel very very accurately. The main character in this novel is Dan, and the whole book was told from Dan’s perspective. I really liked Dan’s personality in this book, I think he is very believable, funny, nice person, and I would like to have a friend like Dan.

The whole narrative of this book felt a lot like a diary. I really enjoyed reading not only Dan’s present life events but also, his memories about his ex-boyfriend, who brought Dan a lot of trust issues. As a person, who knows very little about gay people’s lives, I found this book very educational. I learned about gay guys lifestyle, and it was very interesting to have an insight into how they feel. This book for me felt a lot like reading a Chick lit book, but instead of a girl telling a story, it was a guy. (I hope you get what I mean…) The whole story is flowing very evenly, and I was missing the depth in this book, some deep conflict, which Dan could battle. The whole plot of this book has very close resemblance with author’s bio down below, so I strongly believe, that there are some true facts and stories which author shared in this novel, and it just increased my curiosity, of which parts are true, and which ones are fictional.

The writing style of this book is really pleasant and I really enjoyed how Chris Chalmers portrayed all the little details about London, Dan’s personal feelings and interesting experiences. The chapters used in this novel are pretty short, so it was easy to read and it didn’t leave me bored. I would like to throw in a DISCLAIMER, that there is quite a lot of sex scenes/ talks in this book. The ending of this novel left me satisfied, as it is well deserved and rounds up this book really nicely. So, to conclude, it was a very interesting experience for me, where I got to feed my curiosity, and read some pretty interesting stories, which could’ve been based on true facts, and I do recommend to give it a try, you never know, you might enjoy it. 🙂

A1r2a3AHAIL._SY200_.jpgAbout the author: Chris Chalmers’s career as a published author began aged six with a poem, Jumbo Jabber, in The Liverpool Echo. The editor, retitling it Elephants Are Our Favourites, gave him a taste of the collaborative process that was to play a major role in his subsequent career in advertising.

After many years and a few awards creating campaigns at top London agencies for everything from The Economist to ballet shoes, Chris took the plunge into the world of contemporary fiction. His first published novel, Five To One, is now available with further titles for adults and children to follow.

He lives in South-West London with his partner, a quite famous concert pianist. Chris was once the understudy on Mastermind, has travelled to 40 different countries and swum with iguanas. He’s written a diary for 41 years and never missed a night.

Website /  Facebook / Twitter – @CCsw19

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