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#12ReviewsOfXmas #8 #BookReview The Honeymoon By Tina Seskis @MichaelJBooks @tinaseskis


Thank You very much to the publisher –Penguin UK/ Michael Joseph and Net Galley for the review copy.
Genre: General Fiction (Adult)
Release date: 01 06 2017
Price*: Kindle £4.99( GBP)/  Paperback £3.99(GBP)
Kindle $N/A (USD)/ Paperback $6.25 (USD)
Pages: ~ 400
My rating: 9/10
You can get this book here:
Amazon UK
Book Depository
What I learned from this book: That to get romantically involved with brothers it is just wrong.

Description of the book: There’s trouble in paradise. . .

For as long as she can remember, Jemma has been planning the perfect honeymoon. A fortnight’s retreat to a five-star resort in the Maldives, complete with luxury villas, personal butlers and absolute privacy. It should be paradise, but it’s turned into a nightmare.

Because the man Jemma married a week ago has just disappeared from the island without a trace. And now her perfect new life is vanishing just as quickly before her eyes. After everything they’ve been through together, how can this be happening? Is there anyone on the island who Jemma can trust? And above all – where has her husband gone?

How this book made me feel: I heard many great reviews about this book, and I was very happy when I got approved on Net Galley. One thing I noticed now, after reading the book, that the blurb is written very creatively, and to find out why you will need to read the book.

The main character in this novel was Jemma. She is a girl, living in London and looking for love. With help of her friend, she finds a boyfriend, and the relationship starts. Jemma gets married and goes on a dream honeymoon, one night, while Jemma gets completely drunk, her husband disappears, and nobody can find him on this little island. The thing is, Jemma can’t remember what happened that night.

This novel is filled with very amusing and unique characters. I really liked their personalities, all except for Jemma. I did not like her decisions, and her personality was not pleasant to me. However, I loved the way Seskis used her in this novel, it was brilliant. I loved the way she manipulated Jemma’s character, in order to create suspense and different moods in the book. The story was told from different perspectives, and that made the book more enjoyable, as I sometimes got tired of Jemma’s “Where is my husband gone?”.

The narrative of this book was very interestingly designed. The quite boring investigation was backed up by a story from Jemma’s past, making the whole story more appealing. This book is divided into four parts, and every part finished with unexpected, course-changing turns and twists, which left me pleasantly baffled. Moreover, every part had a different structure to it, making this novel better with every page.

For the writing style of Tina Seskis, I can give nothing less than fantastic. She is an incredibly gifted writer, who knows, how to keep the reader hooked and interested. I strongly believe that she can make any book a gem to the readers. Seskis made the chapters short and to the point, which kept me glued to this book, I was “eating” chapters one after another, not because I wanted to, it was because I needed to.

Here I have a confession to make, while I was checking how many chapters there were in the book (85 in total), I accidentally saw, what I shouldn’t (it was hard to miss it…). The ending of this novel was absolutely shocking and unexpected, and I loved that the author allowed the characters involved to tell it from their perspectives. So, to conclude, there were some things which didn’t work for me, but overall, I strongly recommend this book to everyone, you simply need to experience this wonderful way, through which Tina Seskis is sharing this story, it is unique, clever and masterful, and I will be reading her work in the future for sure.

About the Author: Tina Seskis grew up in Hampshire, before going off to study in the beautiful city of Bath and then moving to London, where she has lived on and off ever since.  Tina’s first novel One Step Too Far was released in 2013, and has since been published in 17 languages in over 60 countries. Tina lives in North London with her husband and son.
Website –   Twitter – @tinaseskis

*-the price was taken from and at the current date. The price might change at your time of purchase. The links used in this post for book purchases are affiliates.

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