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#BlogTour #BookReview The Spaces In Between By Collin Van Reenan @RedDoorBooks #TheSpacesInBetween

Today I am very happy for my stop on the blog tour for this great book and I would like to share my review with all of you. Please do show some love to all the wonderful bloggers who are with me on this tour by following them and sharing their work. Thank You 🙂  

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Thank You very much to the publisher – RedDoor Publishing for the review copy.
Genre: Mystery
Release date: 15 02 2018
Price*: Kindle £2.99 (GBP)/  Paperback £8.99 (GBP)
Kindle $4.23 (USD)/ Paperback $N/A (USD)
Pages: ~ 288
My rating: 8/10
You can get this book here:
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What I learned from this book: If something feels out of place, most probably it is. Trust your instincts.

Description of the book: There is Truth and there are Lies; there is Fiction and there is Fact; there is Life and there is Death. And then there are the Spaces in Between.

Paris, 1968. Nicholas finds himself broke, without papers and on the verge of being deported back to England. Seeking to stay in France, Nicholas takes a three-month contract as an English tutor to the 17-year-old Imperial Highness Natalya. It is the perfect solution; free room and board, his wages saved, and a place to hide from police raids. All that is asked of Nicholas is too obey the lifestyle of the Victorian household and not to leave the house’s grounds. It should have solved all his problems…

The Spaces In Between details the experience of Nicholas as he finds himself an unwitting prisoner within an aristocratic household, apparently frozen in time, surrounded by macabre and eccentric personalities who seem determined to drag him to the point of insanity. Much deeper runs a question every reader is left to ponder – if this tale is fact and not fiction, then what motivation could have driven his tormentors?

How this book made me feel: let me begin by saying, that you have to take five seconds out of your day to enjoy this cover. Hats off from me to the artist who made it, and if I would’ve had a paperback of this book, I would not be able to resist the urge to colour it in 😀 It is just so cool 😀 Another thing which still has me debating with myself is was this book based on a true story? All this experience was real? I am just left confused, where the fiction ends and true facts begin…

The main star of this book is Nicholas for sure. It is his story which makes the jaw drop. Lack of money and job forces him to work in this creepy house as an English tutor, but this house has strange residents, who live like it is 1916ies Russia. I really liked the complexity of all the residents in that house, they all were very amusing and unique personalities. They all have a role to play, and it is hard to distinguish whether they want to help or to harm Nicholas. The main character brought out many different emotions in me, I felt pity for the events he had to suffer, I was happy when good things happened to him and I was angry when he took silly decisions.

The whole story was told from two different perspectives. We have the introduction and investigative part told by a psychologist Dr Marie – Claire Groller, and the main story written down by Nicholas. I found both of the stories absolutely fascinating. The events highlighted in the blurb, which Nicholas had to suffer, are absolutely unimaginable, and the whole story is very dark, atmospheric, twisted and unbelievable. There is so much detail and emotions in his story, it is just creepy. I really enjoyed the investigation done by Dr Marie Clare and her father. I really liked all the information which they were able to find out, but I do miss the proper conclusion to this story. I WANT JUSTICE! 😀

I really enjoyed the structure of this book, I think it gave this book a great element of surprise. This book was easy to read, except for the French parts. I know maybe three words in French, so all the sentences without a translation left me a little annoyed. I really liked the decent length of the chapters and I loved the mask picture on the pages throughout the book. It gave this good feeling, that I am reading something written in medieval times. 🙂 So, to conclude, I strongly recommend reading this book, filled with unusual, eccentric characters and very unique and sinister setting, where reality mixes with fiction and imagination. What is real and what is an illusion? That’s the question. Enjoy 😀
Thank You for your time :*

About the author: Only with the passing of time and the current less hostile attitude towards psychosis and the supernatural, has Collin Van Reenan felt able to tell his story. After the events recounted in the book, Collin returned to England and for many years worked as a Police Officer both in London and in Paris, and then as an Interpreter/translator for the Home Office, the Police, and the Courts of Law, mainly Bow St. and The Old Bailey. Before that, he worked in many jobs including being an interpreter at the Old Bailey trial for the murder of Victoria Climbie and the ‘body in the suitcase’ murder in York.

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