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#BookReview Turbulence. Love Can Be A Bumpy Ride by Bruce McLaren @AmsterdamPB


Thank You very much to the publisher – Amsterdam Publishers for the review copy.
ISBN13: 9789492371591
Genre: Contemporary Fiction (Adult)/ Erotica
Release date: 14 02 2018
Price*: Kindle £2.16 (GBP)/  Paperback £14.95(GBP)
Kindle $2.99 (USD)/ Paperback $15.85 (USD)
Pages: ~ 192
My rating: 10/10
You can get this book here:
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What I learned from this book: I learned a lot of interesting historical facts and got a paranoia for being observed at the airport.

Description of the book: A promising young academic flies off on an adventure, in search of romance, passion and love. Women dominate his thoughts and he thirsts for the erotic spark. Sometimes his interactions live beyond his wildest dreams, while at other times his fantasies and desires collapse and crumble before his eyes. The sum of his experiences leads to an explosive finale that will shake you to the core, just like heavy turbulence.

Intelligent and humorous Turbulence is an adventure novel that dares to dive into the realms of erotica and inspirational romance. Through a series of encounters with women the unpredictable anti-hero develops insights into philosophy and religion, ageing, love, sex and marriage. The hard lessons of life cause his views to constantly evolve in the face of depression, divorce, alcohol abuse, failure and tragedy.

There is only one constant, turbulence, which is capricious and unpredictable and can hit at any moment. If you like air travel, then you will love this erotically charged adventure, both supremely triumphant and heart-achingly tragic in one breath.

How this book made me feel: When I got the request from the publisher to review this book, I was very impressed with how much the publisher believed in this book. I could feel her passion for this book, and I am very glad I agreed to read it.

This book is really different from what I would normally read, and I think it’s one of those “either you love it or hate it” books and it definitely should not be judged by its cover. (I think it doesn’t really represent the book and it looks very cold) I read it in one day because to me it was awesome. This book is a collection of twelve trips between different destinations and every story talks about his encounters with women. The main character is an archaeologist and this journey starts when he was 22 years old. He doesn’t have a name or an obvious background story, but the reader can get a lot of snippets of his life through the stories. Everything, from appearance, careers even destinations suggests this book to be somehow directly related to the author himself. Was it real encounters or fictional? That’s what left me very intrigued.

I don’t normally like philosophical reads, but in this one, author disguised and blended in these parts very creatively. I do love to learn new things and facts, especially if it is related to history, and for me, all these parts were an absolute joy to read. I really loved different settings chosen for this novel as well, as I got a glimpse of different cultures and different countries. I really liked that author chose different story variations in this book, sometimes he used to get lucky with the women he met and sometimes he missed the chance or chose not to get involved. It was refreshing and very believable changes of course and I was very interested of what the next story will bring. My absolute favourite was the religious discussions. I think the author will make many Christians unhappy, but I loved all the supporting historical facts he mentioned in this book regarding religion. I don’t even have to mention any research for this book, the author has a PhD degree in history/archaeology so I trust all the information he provided. 🙂

The writing style of this novel is very poetic and absolutely beautiful. B. McLaren has an amazing way of portraying different topics and uniting them all in a wonderfully flowing story. I do have to throw in a disclaimer that there are some discussion and scenes regarding sex and alcohol, so this book is not suitable for young readers. The chapters were quite long for my liking, but they passed quite quickly because I used to get very absorbed in the story itself. I liked how the author decided to end this story and I think it rounded up this book well. So, to conclude, I had a great fun reading this funny, philosophical one man’s journey through life and his encounters with different women all over the world. I learned a lot, so if you like history, travelling and a little bit of philosophical discussion I think you will enjoy this book 🙂
Thank you for your time 🙂

About the author: Bruce McLaren is an Australian from rural New South Wales, who left home and just kept on going. He has an academic background in archaeology and ancient history of the Middle East and Central Asia, regions in which he has both travelled and worked extensively.

McLaren received his doctorate in Middle Eastern Archaeology at the University of Sydney and published the first examination of the military architecture of Bronze Age Jordan in 2003. He has excavated at numerous sites across the Middle East, dating from the Neolithic to the Islamic Periods.

Since he was a boy McLaren always wanted to write. A keen observer of the wide world around him and the experiences to be had therein, he felt an insatiable urge to convey the passions he felt through writing. Turbulence represents his first foray into the mysterious and magical world of contemporary fiction. Compared to the strictures of writing a doctoral dissertation, writing contemporary fiction, unfettered and free to let the imagination run wild, has been a true joy to him.
Twitter – @brucebond007

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