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#BlogTour #BookReview The Dark Lake By Sarah Bailey

Today it is my stop on the Blog Tour for this book and I would like to share a review with of you 🙂 Thank You very much to Anne Cater for inviting to participate on this tour and please show some love to all the wonderful book bloggers on this tour by following and sharing their work. 😉 

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The Dark Lake.jpgThank You very much to the publisher – Atlantic Books and Anne Cater for the review copy.
ISBN13: 9781786493545
Genre: Mystery & Thriller
Release date: 01 03 2018
Price*: Kindle £3.79 (GBP)/  Paperback £10.82 (GBP)
Kindle $N/A (USD)/ Paperback $14.99 (USD)
Pages: ~ 448
My rating: 7/10
You can get this book here:
Amazon UK
Book Depository
What I learned from this book: people are ready to do a lot of things because of their children.

Description of the book: A hot summer. A shocking murder. A town of secrets, waiting to explode… A beautiful young teacher has been murdered, her body found in the lake, strewn with red roses. Local policewoman Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock pushes to be assigned to the case, concealing the fact that she knew the murdered woman in high school years before. But that’s not all Gemma’s trying to hide. As the investigation digs deeper into the victim’s past, other secrets threaten to come to light, secrets that were supposed to remain buried. The lake holds the key to solving the murder, but it also has the power to drag Gemma down into its dark depths…

How this book made me feel: I would like to begin by saying, that the person who wrote the blurb, should get a raise because this blurb is very intriguing and well written, that’s why I really wanted to read this book. To be honest, this novel was different from most of the thrillers I read.

The main lead in this novel is Gemma, a small town detective in Australia, who is investigating murdered teacher’s case. I found Gemma as a very unusual main character. This novel is filled with Gemma’s thoughts and feelings about her life, wishes and struggles. All these thoughts kind of shadowed the whole investigation. But on the other hand, I think some of them were kind of necessary in order to bring out the desired effect from this story. Gemma seemed very realistic in this novel, but I could not warm up to her. I think she needs help because she is a very troubled young woman, on the other hand, this makes her quite unique… The author chose to use a very vast amount of characters in this novel, some of them showing up only for a chapter as witnesses. It was quite a fresh approach to telling the story, but at the same time filled my mind with unnecessary information about the character itself…

Even though the investigation was pretty slow and not very eventful, I did like reading Gemma’s story from her past. I liked the way they tangled together, and it kind of kept me going because I did want to find out how all these parts are related. I really enjoyed reading different perspectives and different thoughts in this novel, it allowed to have a glimpse into different personalities and to have a better understanding of overall events.

The writing style was creative and the plot kept time travelling between present and past, and I really enjoyed that. Another winner for this novel would be short chapters. I was binge reading it and I was tempted to read chapter after chapter all the way throughout the book. Even though the climax was not very impressive, I did like how author rounded up this story, I think it concluded the events pretty nicely. So, to conclude, it was quite different from what I am used to in the thrillers, and I quite liked this fresh approach. I do recommend to give this book a try, and I will be waiting for the next book with Gemma Woodstock, to see, what Sarah has “up her sleeve” for this unusual detective. Enjoy 🙂
Thank You for Your time 🙂

Sarah Bailey Author Picture.jpgAbout the author: Sarah’s first novel, The Dark Lake, was published in Australia by Allen & Unwin in May 2017 and in the USA and Canada in October. Sarah lives in Melbourne, Australia and has two young sons. She has fifteen years experience in the advertising industry and is currently a director at creative projects company Mr Smith. Sarah’s second book, Into The Night, featuring Detective Gemma Woodstock, will be published in 2018.
Website / Twitter: @sarahbailey1982

*-the price was taken from and at the current date. The price might change at your time of purchase. The links used in this post for book purchases are affiliates.


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