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Today it is my stop on the Blog Tour for The Gardener’s Daughter By K A Hitchins, and I would like to share a review with all of you. Please do show some love to all the wonderful book bloggers on this blog tour by following and sharing their work. 🙂

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Thanks a lot to the author for the review copy.
Publisher –  Instant Apostle
ISBN13: 9781909728820
Genre: YA / Thriller
Release date: 15 03 2018
Price*: Kindle £5.99 (GBP)/  Paperback £8.99 (GBP)
Kindle $8.36 (USD)/ Paperback $13.38 (USD)
Pages: ~ 275
My rating: 9/10
You can get this book here:
Amazon UK
Book Depository
My advice from this book: Young people should try to talk before acting. Adults have way more experience from life than the young people. Listen and learn from them.

Description of the book: Motherless nineteen-year-old Ava has always believed brilliant botanist Theo Gage to be her father. But when a chance discovery reveals she is not his daughter, her world falls apart. Determined to discover her true identity, Ava impetuously runs away and enlists the help of an inexperienced private detective, Zavier Marshall. Pursued by shadowy figures, she takes on a new name and follows in her dead mother’s footsteps to work at the mysterious Fun World Holiday Camp. Penniless and cut-off from everything she’s ever known, and trapped in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a ruthless criminal gang, will Ava survive in a world where she’s more valuable dead than alive? Will she discover the shocking truth behind her mother’s death? And will she find her real father before it’s too late?

How this book made me feel: Oh Ava, Ava, Ava… Why are you playing an adult, when you are just a child??? Why?

The main lead in this novel is Ava, a nineteen-year-old girl, who finds out that she is adopted. Filled with anger and wish to find out who her real dad is, she runs away from home, getting herself in a lot more trouble than she could dream. This book offers a very wide variety of different characters, who bring intrigue and personality to the whole book. I really liked this selection of characters in this novel, and I think they all played their roles really well. However, Ava really annoyed me sometimes, with her silly and very childish decisions and actions. My favourite would be Theo, I loved his kind nature and heart, and he represented real father figure to me.

I really liked the plot of this novel, it was very well crafted, bringing a compelling and interesting setting and plenty of intrigues. It was really interesting to read all those bits and pieces of camp’s life and what can be hiding behind closed doors. The twists and turns were smartly placed and left me pleasantly surprised.

I think Hitchins is a very talented author, she has a great eye for detail and very creative writing style. I found the chapters quite long for my liking, but overall, the book didn’t drag for me because I was quite keen to find out, what will happen next. I really enjoyed the ending of this novel, and if there will be a continuation, I will be definitely waiting for it. 🙂 So, to conclude, this is a very amusing book, filled with very well developed and engrossing characters and intriguing plot, and I truly believe that Hitchins is incredibly good at what she does. So please give this book a try and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

Thank You for your time 🙂

61tWvKw-RnL._UX250_.jpgAbout the author: K A Hitchins was born in Bromley, Kent, in 1963 and studied English, Religious Studies and Philosophy at Lancaster University, graduating with a BA (Hons) First Class in English Literature. She worked for several years as a PA and committee secretary for various organisations in London, including the General Synod of the Church of England. She completed a part-time Masters in Postmodern Literatures in English at Birkbeck College in 1996.

She moved to Hertfordshire in 1999 and lives with her husband and two children in a small village near St Albans, Hertfordshire. She began writing in 2012 and have completed four novels.
Website – / Twitter – @KathrynHitchins

*-the price was taken from and at the current date. The price might change at your time of purchase. The links used in this post for book purchases are affiliates.

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