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#BookReview Gangster School  (Blaggard’s #1) By Kate Wiseman #ChildrensBook


Thank You very much to the publisher –ZunTold Publishing for the review copy.
ISBN13: 9781999863319
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Release date: 21 05 2018
Price*: Kindle £N/A (GBP)/ Paperback £6.99 (GBP)
Pages: ~ 192
My rating: 8/10
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What I learned from this book: I learned about friendship and that it is really fun to be bad sometimes 😀

Description of the book: “I bet no other school gives you the chance to chase super villains through hidden tunnels!” That’s what Milly Dillane has to say about life at Blaggard’s, A.K.A Gangster School.

Milly and her new friend Charlie have just started at Blaggard’s. But what’s it like to be in a school that teaches lying, kidnapping and stealing instead of Maths and English? Their parents and teachers are master criminals and want them to follow in their footsteps … but are Milly and Charlie just too … dependable?

In this funny and exciting adventure, smart Milly and super-hacker Charlie face some of the worst villains around, including the cold-hearted Pecunia Badpenny and her sidekick: Wolf the evil electronic dog.

Can Milly and Charlie beat Badpenny and her demonic plans? And are they criminal enough to keep their place in a school they’ve come to love?

Kate Wiseman’s brilliant Blaggard’s is like Hogwarts for criminal kids!

How this book made me feel: There was a while since I had so much fun while reading a book. I would describe this book something like Hogwarts meets “Despicable Me”.

Our main characters in this book were Milly and Charlie, two year seven students, who just started a school for future villains. The whole book was told from these two people’s perspectives, sharing their thoughts and adventures. Like in most of the books about schools, there are plenty of various characters to choose from, but my favorite in this novel was Milly. I loved her personality and smartness, and I think she was a great young female lead. She is a very intelligent and observant girl indeed.

The plot of this book was about how Milly and Charlie had to stop an evil villain, who wants to ruin their school. It was filled with quite a lot of action and interesting details, but as an adult, I found the plot was quite predictable. I think that the idea and the setting are very original, but the “good vs. bad” thing was quite unimpressive. But this book directed at children so, I believe, they would love it. 🙂

I really enjoyed the light and funny writing style of this book, where the chapters are pretty short, bringing in something new in every chapter. I don’t think this book is suitable for very young children, it is all about how to be a good villain and it encourages the use of lying and deceit, so I would not want to encourage that in my 6-year-old nephew… However, I noticed that children’s books about thieves and villains are kind of on the “wave” right now… 😕

So, to conclude, as an adult I had great fun while reading this book. I found the characters very charming and the whole idea of gangster’s school pretty intriguing, and I would recommend this book if you (or your child/sibling/nephew/niece etc.) are into villains and saving the world (in this case saving the school). This book is a first in a series, and I will be waiting for more books to come. Please do give this a try and hopefully, you will enjoy it. 🙂

Thank You for Your time 🙂


About the Author: Kate is a children’s writer. She lives in Saffron Walden with her husband, her son (when he’s home from university) and three neurotic cats. One of her cats, Maisie, is actually a ghost cat now, but Kate still talks to her every day.
Kate was a late developer. Before going to university at the age of 38 to study creative writing, she did lots of different jobs ranging from working in a library to promotions work.
Website - /Twitter – @KateWiseman
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3 thoughts on “#BookReview Gangster School  (Blaggard’s #1) By Kate Wiseman #ChildrensBook

  1. Hogwarts meets “Despicable Me”
    Oh my goodness, from what this book is about, that seems to be the perfect description. It looks like so much fun. Going to check it out.


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