How To Include Twitter Username when People Share Using The Twitter Button On WordPress

Hello Dear Reader,

Today I have a rant or a little tutorial for you, and I hope it will ease our lives. I love sharing my fellow book blogger’s work on Twitter. I think Twitter is a great tool to get more people having a look at what you write, or in other words, to get more traffic. If you are a book blogger and don’t have a twitter account, you just have to get one. I do understand that what works for one, doesn’t always work for others, but still, get a Twitter account. 😀

So, for those who share posts on Twitter, you most probably noticed that little add-on at the end of the tweet where it says via @Book_Inspector (or any account for that matter), and the person gets notified that their post was shared on Twitter. I absolutely adore that, because I can say my thanks to the people who took time out of their day and shared my work. But, my biggest pet peeve is when I see via @wordpressdotcom at the end of the posts. :/

NO! WordPress did not write that! A blogger poured his soul and spent time creating that post and that person deserves to be mentioned when I share their work! I want that person to know, that yes, your work matters and there are people who read what you write! Another reason is, that I am too busy or tired to manually chase people up and tag them properly, so, like many others, I just leave that annoying handle there. (Sorry, but not sorry 😛 )  That is why I decided to write this post, I hope it will help other bloggers and they will be able to use it. DISCLAIMER! I am not a computer wizard, I am using a Windows laptop and it worked for me, so don’t blame me for the mistakes I might make. 🙂

  1. Log on to your WordPress account.
  2. At the top where the URL is, make it look something like that  e.g.
  3. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a menu list, in there go to SETTINGS, and in the list which will drop off,  go to SHARING. This part allows you to choose what buttons you what to add for the people to share your work, and in what sequence you want them, and many other options. But in this place, you can also find the bit, “Twitter username to include in tweets when people share using the Twitter button.” Just type in your Twitter handle and press SAVE CHANGES. Sketch.png
  4. All done, now tap yourself on the shoulder, because you deserve it 😉


14 thoughts on “How To Include Twitter Username when People Share Using The Twitter Button On WordPress

    1. For me Twitter is great place not only to share the work, but to interact with publishers as well. At the beginning it might feel abit odd, but the more you use it, the easier it becomes 😁

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  1. There’s been an update recently where blogs who usually have this fuction set up suddenly don’t. I’ve gone through how to correct it with a couple of people but it makes no difference. It still shares to via @wordpressdotcom 😢


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