#Excerpt Era Of Undying By Emilie Knight #IndieAuthor #Fantasy

EoU front cover.jpgPublisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN13: 9781979094320
Genre: Fantasy
Release date: 19 01 2018
Price*: Kindle £5.71 (GBP)/  Paperback £9.09 (GBP)
Kindle $8.00 (USD)/ Paperback $12.00 (USD)
Pages: ~ 202
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Description of the book: There hasn’t been a Blood Warrior for decades. Everyone assumed they were extinct and couldn’t return. Turns out they were just in hiding. Pen chose to revert back to her nomadic life after the death of her family. Life was always safer that way, away from people. Now she’s been caught and odd occurrences have been happening in Ichorisis. People are surviving horrible injuries and illnesses that they shouldn’t be. Now that Pen is under the custody of one of the several kings she’s been sent to fix the problem. Whether she wants to or not.


“Let’s just kill her. She murdered Belos!” said a skinny man holding a bow.
“And Hason,” a woman added.
The rest of the followers muttered in agreement.
The leader raised a hand and they stopped grumbling.
“Not until we’ve had a little chat,” the leader said. He knelt before Pen. “Did anyone send you?” His voice made her want to shiver despite the fire’s warmth.
She looked him directly in the eye. “No.”
“Are you alone?”
“No,” she lied. She wasn’t sure if he believed her. He had a good face for gambling.
“What are you doing with your arm?” He sounded intrigued but not entirely distracted.
He laughed.
She felt her wrist sting, then blood trickled down her hand.
He chuckled and stood. “I honestly don’t know if I want to kill you or let you join us.”
“She murdered Belos!” the skinny man yelled again.
“I know he was your brother, and I will mourn him too.” His steely voice made the other man look away. “She struck silently, and that could be useful. But considering I don’t let anyone already in kill a member without due punishment, I can’t just let in someone who did kill a member. Killing her would be safer and easier.”
“She’s pretty, though, sir,” a burly man said. “Can we play with her first?”
“Normally I wouldn’t care, but she’s proven to be an efficient assassin. I don’t think—”
She willed her blood to rise. Sensing there the three stood behind her she shot her blood toward them, striking two in the throat and one in the eye. At the same moment she hardened it into a blade to cut the ropes. As the first three fell gurgling and screaming, she stood to face the others, snaking the strings of blood around so it floated in front of her.
All of her opponents had drawn their weapons, but now they froze. Three tendrils of solid blood floated several feet from her wrist, sharpened to points facing the bandits.
Staying calm was a challenge, but she managed it. Panic would cloud her thoughts and thin her blood.
“I don’t believe it,” one man muttered.
“M’lady,” the leader said. One of his hands held an axe, but he raised the other to show peace. “No one else needs to die tonight. You can walk away, and no one here will repeat what happened.”
“Rumors spread like wildfire,” Pen replied.
“Not this one. You can keep what was in the lockbox, plus anything else I have of value. You can take what you need and go.”
“The hell she will!” the skinny man shouted.
He fired an arrow at Pen’s heart.


Author Picture.jpgAbout the author: Emilie Knight is a writer and author of her debut Era of Undying. After years of reading fantasy and horror, she combines them together into her own dark fantasy writing. Using her BA in Classical Civilizations and fascination in Ancient Greek mythology she blends it well into her fiction. Other than reading in her spare time she plays video games quite often.

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