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Today I would like to share an exclusive extract sent to me by Jackson Baer, from his upcoming contemporary thriller ‘An American Family’. Hope you will enjoy it, and it is available for pre-order on Amazon.


Publisher: Evolved Publishing
ISBN13: 9781622530267
Genre: Contemporary Suspense Thriller
Release date: 01 10 2018
Price*: Kindle £2.99 (GBP)/  Paperback £N/A (GBP)
Kindle $3.88 (USD)/ Paperback $N/A (USD)
You can get this book here:
Amazon UK
Amazon US


Description of the book: Isaac Childs has a perfect life—until that life comes crashing down when his wife Ramie vanishes.

Isaac learns that his wife’s disappearance is the ninth in a string of similar cases. In the wake of this news, he struggles to cope, to be a good father to his daughter and college-bound son, and to reclaim something of an ordinary life even as he conceals his troubled past.

After the FBI makes an arrest, and his wife is presumed dead, Isaac begins to move on. Yet will his secrets catch up with him? Has he conquered his vices for good? And what of the FBI’s theory that the case isn’t completely resolved, after all?


After a few more questions, the agents left, taking Isaac’s two laptops with them. They’d searched his cell records while they were at the house, but found nothing of value. Isaac was willing to sign his rights away, to obliterate his own privacy. Search thoroughly, he told them. Maybe this guy was stalking Ramie online, and they could catch him through her social media.

Isaac watched the agents drive off in their black SUV. FBI agents always drove a car like that, he thought. He looked all around him, but there was no one in sight. Everyone was still out searching for Ramie. He didn’t know anything, and he had given them no useful information. He let his wife get abducted while he was off playing disc golf. Isaac sat down on the wicker chair and held Rylee in his lap. The pug licked his hand, something he rarely allowed her to do.

Isaac waited on his comforting porch until his friends, family, and the police returned. They didn’t have to say anything. He could tell by their faces that the search was unsuccessful.

“I’m sorry, Dad.” Olivia hugged her father, now back inside their home. Isaac thanked them all for their efforts and filled them in with vague details from his discussion with the FBI.

And now the three remained; Isaac and his two nearly-grown kids, plus the dog. They were still a family, just not as complete as they were yesterday this time.

“It’s okay, baby,” Isaac said to Olivia. “It’s all going to be okay.”

He tried his best to protect his kids, but knew that all of the details would be on the news shortly. The FBI was closing in on a suspect. They’d prepared him for the possibility of this story going nationwide. He asked Olivia not to post her location online anymore, to be careful with selfies and things like that. He told Carter the same.

“I just need to prepare you both,” Isaac told them, trying to figure out what he should say and what he should keep to himself. “It’s just that you’re both older now. Carter, you’re an adult, and Olivia, you are close. I want you two to stick together, support each other, and keep hoping for the best. They haven’t found any bodies. That means there’s a chance she’s still alive. We have to believe that. There’s also a chance that this psycho isn’t the same man who took your mother. We still don’t know what happened. All we know is that she’s gone. But you’re both old enough now.” Isaac had taught his kids to ignore everything someone says before they said ‘but,’ yet he said it anyway. “You’re old enough to know that it doesn’t look good. Let’s hope for the best and prepare for, well, I don’t know exactly what. We simply prepare.”

“Please don’t talk like that, Daddy,” Olivia said with tears flowing down her cheeks. “Mom’s going to come home, and everything is going to go back to normal. It has to. She has to.”

“Yeah, Mom is a fighter.” Carter softly stroked the snoring dog. “I know it looks bad, but she’s gonna find her way home, and we’re gonna make it through this.”

Dear God, his kids were better people than he. He raised them right, at least, but it didn’t make him feel any better for trying to be realistic while his children spoke so optimistically.

“I’m sorry, guys. You’re both right. We’re going to get through this.”

Isaac spent the rest of the day driving around Woodstock and going to different parts of Allatoona Lake. He hoped that he might see a piece of her clothing, or spot her phone discarded on the side of the road or in the woods somewhere. Instead, he found nothing but empty beer cans and old trash discarded what must have been years ago. He returned home and opened a beer from the back of the fridge. He’d quit drinking, mostly, over the past few years. He had to.

Tonight was quite different.

He only found a six pack of light beer in there, but it did the job. Six beers and ninety minutes later allowed Isaac to fall into a deep sleep and dream about his Ramie. He replayed their life together and fell in love all over again.

28685589_1482231708552295_7574782242190983664_n.jpgAbout the Author: He is a professional thrifter who is happily married, the father of four children, and an avid runner. He was born and raised in Georgia and spent time in Oklahoma, California, Connecticut, and then Oregon, as an adult. He graduated Oregon State University and now resides in North Georgia, raising his family, near family.

His first book, The Earth Bleeds Red, was released in 2013. It is currently available on the Kindle, in paperback, and as an audiobook on Amazon/Audible/iTunes. His second book, The Lights Will Never Fade, came out in Jan ’18. He has recently signed with Evolved Pub for his new contemporary fiction/suspense series, An American Family (Fall 2018).

He is a bit of a free spirit who enjoys working from home, travelling around, looking for treasures to share, and creating worlds that otherwise would not exist. Thrifting and writing are his two passions, and he is fortunate to be able to do both.

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Goodreads / Pinterest

*-the price was taken from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com on the current date. The price might change at the time of your purchase. The links used in this post for book purchases are affiliates.

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