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#BookReview The Wizards of Once (The Wizards of Once #1) By Cressida Cowell


Publisher:  Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN13:  9780316508339
Genre: Children’s Fantasy
Release date: 03 10 2017
Price*: Kindle £3.99 (GBP)/  Paperback £5.24 (GBP)
Kindle $5.25 (USD)/ Paperback $7.99 (USD)
Pages: ~ 400
Book rating: 8/10
You can get this book here:
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Description of the book: Once there were Wizards, who were Magic, and Warriors, who were not. But Xar, son of the King of Wizards, can’t cast a single spell. And Wish, daughter of the Warrior Queen, has a banned magical object of her own. When they collide in the Wildwood, on the trail of a deadly witch, it’s the start of a grand adventure that just might change the fabric of their worlds.

With Cressida Cowell’s trademark wit, and the same stunning combination of action, adventure, humour, heart, and incredible artwork that made How to Train Your Dragon a beloved bestselling franchise, The Wizards of Once will transport and enchant readers.

How this book made me feel: I found the ARC of the second book in the series at a book swap so, of course, I had to read the first part because I want to understand, what is going on in the series. As an adult who reads children’s books, well, I quite enjoyed the adventures it had to offer. 😀

This novel is told by a third person, the “Unknown Narrator”, who is one of the characters, but I couldn’t figure out who it was. 😀 The main characters are Xar (a wizard) and Wish (a warrior), they belong to two separate tribes, who are at war with each other, and both of these characters are a very naughty thirteen-year-olds. 🙂 I really liked Wish in this book, I think she is quite smart, and I really liked her strangeness. She is not like everybody else, and I think it really suited her. I really didn’t like Xar, I think he is rude, ignorant, absolutely horrible, self-centred brat, and he is a very bad example for kids. :/ I understand that author chose him for a reason and to prove some points to the young generation, but still, I couldn’t stand him. I really liked all the magical creatures, which the author created for this book. They were super fun and gave this “Harry Potter” vibe, which I really liked.

The narrative of this book is filled with plenty of magic and very fun adventures, which I really enjoyed. I liked the way the author was trying to surprise the reader with unexpected twists and turns and an interesting outcome from particular actions.

I kind of liked the writing style of this book, it feels very little edited and quite raw. (Like, when you tell an actual story, and u need to clarify some of the things you say) However, the same thing dragged out the story a little, making the chapters feel quite long sometimes. My most favourite thing about this book was the illustrations. It helped me to understand how all the characters and magical creatures looked like, and in general, they were absolutely stunning. I also liked that the author included quite a few of them in every chapter, it was fun to read and it gave a different texture to the whole story.

The language used in this book was easy to understand and pretty fun, and as I mentioned before, the chapters were quite long, but the illustrations kept the reading experience entertaining and not boring. The ending of this story was quite unexpected and the author creatively hinted about another book to follow. So, to conclude, it is a fun and adventurous story, filled with magic and magnificent creatures. Now, for the recommendation, I think adults should read it first and then decide if they want their kids to dig in. Xar’s attitude might have a negative impact on some of the kids, but I will leave that for the parents to decide. Enjoy! 🙂

23894.jpgAbout the Author: Cressida Cowell grew up in London and on a small, uninhabited island off the west coast of Scotland. She was convinced that there were dragons living on this island, and has been fascinated by dragons ever since. She has a BA in English Literature from Oxford University, a BA in Graphic Design from St Martin’s and an MA in Narrative Illustration from Brighton. Cressida loves illustrating her own work, but also loves writing books for other people to illustrate as the end result can be so unexpected and inspiring. Cressida has written and illustrated eight books in the popular Hiccup series. The unique blend of child-centred humour and sublime prose made Hiccup an instant hit. How to Train Your Dragon is now published in over 30 languages. A DreamWorks Animation feature film is out in March 2010. Also the author of picture books, Cressida has won the Nestle Children’s Book Prize 2006 and has been shortlisted for many others. Cressida lives in Hammersmith with her husband and three children.
Website – / Twitter – @CressidaCowell

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      1. That would be what i would have thought, grades 4 to 6 or 7. You are so right, I think they will like something and the kids think it is “lame”.


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