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#BookReview Sleeper By J.D. Fennell #Action #YA

51Lfa1FPWpL.jpgThank You very much to the publisher – The Dome Press for the review copy.
ISBN13: 9780995672338
Genre: Historical Young Adult
Release date: 28 04 2017
Price*: Kindle £3.32 (GBP)/  Paperback £6.91 (GBP)
Kindle $4.37 (USD)/ Paperback $12.29 (USD)
Pages: ~ 228
My rating: 10/10
You can get this book here:
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What I learned from this book: Learned a lot about wartime London.

Description of the book: Sixteen-year-old Will Starling is pulled from the sea with no memory of his past. In his blazer is a strange notebook with a bullet lodged inside: a bullet meant for him. As London prepares for the Blitz, Will soon finds himself pursued by vicious agents and a ruthless killer known as the Pastor. All of them want Will’s notebook and will do anything to get it. As Will’s memory starts to return, he realises he is no ordinary sixteen-year-old. He has skills that make him a match for any assassin. But there is something else. At his core is a deep-rooted rage that he cannot explain. Where is his family and why has no one reported him missing? Fighting for survival with the help of Mi5 agent-in-training, Anna Wilder, Will follows leads across London in a race against time to find the Stones of Fire before the next air raid makes a direct hit and destroys London forever.

How this book made me feel: I saw the second part of this book floating around social media, so when I was offered to read this book, I jumped at the opportunity, and have no regrets for this decision.

The protagonist in this book is Will, he is a sixteen-year-old spy, and the whole book is set in 1941, during the Second World War. I loved that this book is telling an action-filled story but during WWII! I loved how the author described everything, from guns, cars to buildings and streets.

This story was told from single, Will’s, perspective but it was fully sufficient for me, as this story was trying to keep the secrets and give out all the findings slowly. I really liked how J. D. Fennell chose the characters for this novel. The character’s personalities fitted them really well, and all the characters were very interesting to read about. I really liked Will, I think he is very suitable to be a protagonist, he has these super cool qualities, but at the same time, he is very human-like, where he gets injured and suffers from tiredness.

I read this book after a slow one, so all the pace and action was very needed for me. The story keeps moving in every chapter, Will is always on the run, so the setting is constantly changing, but I absolutely loved how the author described wartime London. J.D Fennell transferred the view and the spirit of that time perfectly to me. I felt like I was next to Will during his adventures. 😀 I liked that this story carries a lot of feelings, friendships, loss, and it is very interesting to see how Will is dealing with all of this.

I found the writing style easy and pleasant to read, the chapters are pretty short and it made the whole reading experience quite fast. The ending was very well deserved and left me fully satisfied. So, to conclude, if you like stories like Bourne or Maze Runner, I think you will enjoy this one as well. The characters are very well developed, and the plot is constantly moving. I think this book would be an amazing action/adventure film, and I hope it will come to screens someday. I strongly recommend this book, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did… 🙂

Do you like wartime spy books? What was your favourite?

51VW9GuCklL._UX250_.jpgAbout the Author: J.D. was born in Belfast at the start of the Troubles, and began writing stories at a young age to help understand the madness unfolding around him. A lover of reading, he devoured a diverse range of books – his early influences include Fleming, Tolkien, Shakespeare and the Brontës.

He left Belfast at the age of nineteen and worked as a chef, bartender, waiter and later began a career in writing for the software industry. These days he divides his time between Brighton and London, where he lives with his partner and their two dogs.

Website – / Twitter – @jd_fennell

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