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#12ReviewsOfXmas All This Has Nothing to Do with Me by Monica Sabolo #BookReview (5)


Publisher: Picador
ISBN13: 9781447274964
Genre: Memoir?
Release date: 09 04 2015
Price*: Kindle £7.59 (GBP)/  Paperback £7.99 (GBP)
Kindle $9.66 (USD)/ Paperback $9.55 (USD)
Pages: ~ 151
My rating: 3/10
You can get this book here:
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Description of the book: When journalist ‘MS’ interviews the mysterious ‘XX’ for a job at her magazine, she hires him straight away – because he’s gorgeous.

As one date leads to another, her obsession spirals. MS finds herself writing letters to Facebook (to see if XX can tell how many times she views his page), to her phone company (can they delete messages she regrets sending?) and to XX’s favourite author (who is dead), whilst the object of her affection remains aloof, a moodily seductive Vespa-riding urbanite.

All This Has Nothing To Do With Me is an exposé of a broken heart. With full access to MS’s photos, diary extracts and emails, it documents MS and XX’s relationship from jubilant start to painful finish, and lays out her life – and past – for our scrutiny.

Highly original, extremely funny, and darkly moving, this is an unputdownable glimpse into the depths of one woman’s psyche.

How this book made me feel: Well this one was weird… This book has a stunning cover, it is a tiny book, and I knew that this is going to be a quick read, and I bought it for only 10p when a couple of my nearby Poundlands were closing down. I thought it has a fun chick lit story for me, but I was very wrong… I kept reading it because I don’t like to DNF books, but till the last page, I have no idea what was it about.

The main character in this book is MS, and sometimes referred to as Monica, so it gives me a very strong feeling that this is some sort of memoir maybe? The one thing I could grasp was that MS is kind of psychologically unstable, she writes letters to the dead author, her relationship with XX is an absolute mess, but she kind of tries to explain her behaviour, by going back to the past and talking about her mother and stepdad. Yes, she had a difficult childhood, and if the story and format (it is a mash of letters, SMS, pictures, normal text etc.) would’ve been differently presented, it could’ve been an awesome memoir.

The writing style of this book was very unique and original, and it should’ve been really hard to write this book because it is filled with a huge amount of pictures. No, not some nice pictures, but pictures of random things e.g. a lighter taken from XX; sweaters worn on dates; 4pages of scooter pictures which might belong to XX, and many more. I think it took years to collect this amount of pictures, so props to the author for the patience and detail.

So, let me just jump to the conclusions here. This book won France’s Prix de Flore 2013 award, so it has to have something that I am not seeing, right? One thing I know, it wasn’t for me, but if you like award-winning books, which are different and really original, give this book a go, and you might enjoy it. 🙂

monica_sabolo.jpgAbout the Author: Monica Sabolo is a French journalist and writer. She lives in Paris.

Twitter – @monica_sabolo


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