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#12ReviewsOfXmas Only Child By Rhiannon Navin #BookReview (10)


Thank You very much to the publisher – Mantle and NetGalley for the review copy.
ISBN13: 9781509855582
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Release date: 08 02 2018
Price*: Kindle £3.79(GBP)/Paperback £3.99(GBP)
Kindle $4.26 (USD)/ Paperback $10.67 (USD)
Pages: ~ 306
My rating: 5/10
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What I learned from this book: I learned a lot about how children think and how they react to different situations.

Description of the book: Compelling, compassionate and powerful, Rhiannon Navin’s Only Child is the most heartfelt book you’ll read this year. We all went to school that Tuesday like normal. Not all of us came home.

When the unthinkable happens, six-year-old Zach is at school. Huddled in a cloakroom with his classmates and teacher, he is too young to understand that life will never be the same again. Afterwards, the once close-knit community is left reeling. Zach’s dad retreats. His mum sets out to seek revenge. Zach, scared, lost and confused, disappears into his super-secret hideout to try to make sense of things. Nothing feels right – until he listens to his heart . . . But can he remind the grown-ups how to love again?

Narrated by Zach, Only Child is full of heart; a real rollercoaster of a read that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the final page.

How this book made me feel: I read so many amazing reviews about this book, and people really liked, that is why I decided to give this book a go. I really wanted to like this book, but it didn’t leave me impressed, to be honest.

Our protagonist in this book is a seven-year-old Zach, during shooting in his school, his older brother Andy got killed. This book is a story of how Zach and his parents deal with Andy’s loss. The variety of characters is pretty limited in this book, it sticks to Zach’s close family. I really liked Zach and his father Jim in this book. I think Zach is a very smart, kind and very cute boy. I liked his dad because he was the only one, who was paying attention to Zach after the tragedy. Father was trying to talk to Zach and make him open up about what he, as a child, is going through. I absolutely despised Zach’s mother. I think she is a self-centred cow, who cared only about what she feels and ignored her family for her own sake. I am not a parent, but I know one thing, I would put my child first.

As it says in the blurb, the narrative is told by Zach, and all the events are from his perspective. This book is like a seven-year-old’s diary. Zach talks a lot about what he sees around him, how he feels and how he deals with various situations. The narrative is very detailed, and even though there are some interesting nuances, there is not much happening in this book. I hoped that something groundbreaking will happen to pace up the book, but it kind of plodded along, making me pretty bored. There are some interesting topics discussed in this book, related to family and it’s issues, and the grown-ups have an insight into a child’s point of view. Which is quite interesting, and I am curious, how the author got all this information, and how she came up with this kind of writing style.

The writing style was very cute, simplified and easy to read. The setting of the book doesn’t change much and is concentrated around the family’s house. I liked that the chapters are pretty short, I didn’t want to DNF this book, so the short chapters helped to finish it. The ending rounded up the story nicely and left me satisfied with the outcome.

So, to conclude, even though it started really promising, this book wasn’t for me. It has well-developed characters, and I see where it can be heartbreaking for some people, but for me, it was too detailed and kind of draggy. If you like family drama, books about loss, and curious to find out how a child sees and deals with loss, give this book a try, and I hope you will enjoy it. 🙂

A15anghmFCL._UX250_.jpgAbout the author: RHIANNON NAVIN grew up in Bremen, Germany, in a family of book-crazy women. Her career in advertising brought her to New York City, where she worked for several large agencies before becoming a full-time mother and writer. She now lives outside of New York City with her husband, three children, and two cats.

Website – / Twitter – @rhiannonnavin


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2 thoughts on “#12ReviewsOfXmas Only Child By Rhiannon Navin #BookReview (10)

  1. Sorry you didn’t feel it. I thought it was quite original though to have this story narrated by the child instead of say the mother grieving the loss of her son. I appreciate the honest and fair review Book Inspector! Merry Christmas!


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