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Today I would like to welcome you all on the last stop of the Blog Tour for The Bride’s Trial By A.A. Abbott and I would like to share a guest post written by the author, with all of you. Thank you very much to Kelly from Love Books Group Tours for the invitation. Please do show some love to all the wonderful book bloggers on this blog tour by following and sharing their work. 🙂


Abbott_BridesTrail_Ebook.jpgPublisher: Perfect City Press
ISBN13: 9780992962111
Genre: Thriller
Release date: 21 07 2015
Price*: Kindle £0.99 (GBP)/  Paperback £7.99 (GBP)
Kindle $1.28 (USD)/ Paperback $10.00 (USD)
Free on Kindle Unlimited
Pages: ~ 212
You can get this book here:
Amazon UK
Book Depository

Description of the book: This great story, packed with twists and turns, begins in London’s smart Fitzrovia and ends in secret tunnels below central Birmingham. Ross has a swanky penthouse and a high-flying job in the City. When he meets Kat, a glamorous blonde croupier, he starts to plan a future. Now she’s disappeared, he’s devastated.

Casino boss Shaun realises it’s not just Kat who’s vanished –  £20,000 is missing too. He wants his money back and he’s after Kat’s blood. Young graduate Amy has discovered Kat’s stolen her ID for a sham marriage. She can’t stand Ross, but only he will help her find Kat and clear her name. High stakes, twists, action and suspense keep the pages turning in A.A. Abbott’s crime thriller, the first in the Trail Series.

Guest post: London – A Kaleidoscope Of Different Worlds By A. A. Abbott

As a young person growing up near London, I saw many of my peers start their careers there. I did the opposite, heading north to Birmingham. In the Midlands, I settled down with a proud Geordie. As far as he was concerned, the south started at Leeds, and we were in it. He hated our fair capital with a passion that continues to this day. Meeting in the middle of England, and staying there, was the most diplomatic course of action.

However, it’s almost a rite of passage to work in London. True, most do so in their youth, moving elsewhere for a slower pace of life as they age. I was in my forties when curiosity and the lure of a larger pay packet drove me to spend a year at a City insurance firm. The long hours were brutal, but despite being a slave driver, my boss was tremendous fun. Most Friday nights, the team decamped to a champagne bar outside the office. My husband got used to collecting me from the station as I staggered, bleary-eyed, off the last train home after a week away. Incredibly, we stayed married.

City of London Towers_lo res (1).jpg

They were some of the best of times – the fun side of the City, possible for me because I was earning good money without paying rent. Sofa-surfing in Hampstead, cat-sitting in Walthamstow and catching commuter trains from Bedfordshire, I stayed with family and friends for free during the week.

I was living in a bubble, of course. The capital isn’t just a heady whirl of culture, classy hotels and cocktail bars. Shake the kaleidoscope a bit, and a different picture emerges. It’s a world of deprivation, where the young struggle to afford crippling rents and rough sleepers pitch their tents on the streets. There’s depravity too, lurking in seedy speakeasies and drug dens. It was those contrasts that inspired the crime story that became “The Bride’s Trail”. Suppose you were a young, beautiful woman who wanted designer gear and a party lifestyle? How far would you go to get it?

AAA & TBT in Brum.jpg

Glamorous Kat White, brought up an heiress but finding herself penniless, steals her friends’ IDs to marry illegal immigrants for money. Once she realises how much trouble she’s in, even running away isn’t the answer. Kat’s made powerful enemies – and they’re on the fake bride’s trail.

Needless to say, while the story begins in London, it ends in Birmingham – a city with secrets all its own. I hope readers will enjoy the thrill of the tale, and the message that life outside London can be wonderful, especially when family and friends are there for you.

Copy of Helen_Author_38.jpgAbout the author: English thriller writer AA Abbott’s real name is Helen Blenkinsop, but like JK Rowling, she wanted to. She loves city life, having lived and worked in London, Birmingham and Bristol. Her crime thrillers, set in Birmingham and London, sizzle with suspense, twists and the evils of office politics.

Helen’s books are available in a dyslexia-friendly large print as well as standard paperback and Kindle editions. Her Trail Series follows the fortunes of glamorous blonde Kat White, a party girl who finds her purpose making vodka, shrewd businessman Marty Bridges, and manipulative East End crime lord Shaun Halloran.

Twitter: @AAAbbottStories

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