3 Ways to dispose of ARC’s

Let’s talk about ARC’s today. 🙂 We all love getting them, but there are terms and conditions once we are done with them. Most of us know that Uncorrected Proofs cannot be sold or given to charity shops or libraries, they look like books, but they are sometimes far away from the final copy. So here are my 3 simple ways to dispose of them. 😉



If you are done with the ARC you have been sent, and want to get rid of it quickly and easy, chuck it into your recycling bin and save the planet! 🙂 But if you are like most of us and can’t even think of the idea, keep reading my dear friend. 🙂

Gift it / Give it away

If you are in the book blogging community, you most probably have a friend or to who loves to read, so why not offer it to them? Or maybe someone in your family who enjoy reading as much as you do? But if you are socially awkward like me, Giveaways on your blog, Twitter or any social media is your best friend then. 🙂 Yes, you would have to pay for the postage if you are organising a giveaway, but think of it as an investment in your blog’s marketing campaign. Giveaways boost stats, new views, new followers, more reach. 😉 Don’t want to spend money and time on a giveaway? Keep calm and carry on reading. 😉

Book Swap / Book Exchange places

In London, you can sometimes find Book Swap Gatherings, where people bring books and exchange them with other book readers. I have never been to one, so I do not know the rules of it, just google it if you wish to participate in one. 😀 However, I heard a lot about Little free libraries or book swap on the Underground stations. In London, some tube stations have free book exchanges, some of them are empty, some of them have some books. Here is a list of the stations which should have a book exchange:

Acton Town
Blackhorse Road
Bounds Green
Burnt Oak
Charring Cross
Chiswick Park
Clapham North
East Finchley
Hammersmith (District &Piccadilly)
High Barnet
Highbury & Islington
Kew Gardens
North Harrow
Old Street
Stamford Brook
Tooting Bec
Turnpike Lane
Wilsden Green
Wimbledon Park
Wood Green
Woodside Park

I hope they are all still there, but due to the lack of books, some of them might have been removed (I didn’t visit all of them to check 😛 ). Another thing to mention is, there might be some people who might try profit from unreleased ARC’s, so if you planning to leave them, please consider doing it after the publication date. 😉

If you don’t have a book exchange place near you, make one 😀 A book or few left in a train/bus station on a windowsill with a note “free book” will make someone’s day for sure. 🙂

What do you do with your ARC’s? Do you have something to add? Please leave it in the comments below. 🙂

Thank You for Your time,



8 thoughts on “3 Ways to dispose of ARC’s

  1. I have left so many books in Little Free Libraries and they’re gone withing hours! I sometimes send them on to other blog friends if I see they’d want it… I have a swap page on FB too but there haven’t been any swaps yet. My last novel came from a blog friend in the UK, she was so kind to send it on to me, I read it and reviewed it and now it’s going back to the UK to another blog friend (hoping she’ll like the novel more than I did). I love that this novel will travel and not just gather dust in my library. I sometimes wish I had friends who read but I don’t and the charity shops here don’t have a lot of English books (or very old ones). Books are so expensive here that most people just want to keep them.


    1. I agree that the books should be read, not just on a shelf. I try and share my books as well, but I understand, when books are expensive, I do treasure them alot as well. That is why I buy the books I really want to keep, otherwise charity shops and sales are my best friends. 😂

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