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#BookReview Outcry – Holocaust memoirs By Manny Steinberg


Thank You very much to the publisher – Amsterdam Publishers for the review copy.
ISBN13: 9789082103137
Genre: Memoir
Release date: 04 02 2015
Price*: Kindle £4.99 (GBP)/  Paperback £17.99 (GBP)
Kindle $6.24 (USD)/ Paperback $19.86 (USD)
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Pages: ~ 168
My rating: 10/10
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What I learned from this book: That humans can be the most disgusting creatures in this World.

Description of the book: Manny Steinberg (1925-2015) spent his teens in Nazi concentration camps in Germany, miraculously surviving while millions perished. This is his story. Born in the Jewish ghetto in Radom (Poland), Steinberg noticed that people of Jewish faith were increasingly being regarded as outsiders. In September 1939 the Nazis invaded, and the nightmare started. The city’s Jewish population had no chance of escaping and was faced with starvation, torture, sexual abuse and ultimately deportation.

Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs is the candid account of a teenager who survived four Nazi camps: Dachau, Auschwitz, Vaihingen an der Enz, and Neckagerach.

Manny Steinberg’s brother Stanley had jumped off the cattle wagon on the way to the extermination camp where his mother and younger brother were to perish. Desperately lonely and hungry, Stanley stood outside the compound hoping to catch a glimpse of Manny and their father. Once he discovered that they were among the prisoners, he turned himself in. The days were marked by hunger, cold, hard labor, and fear. Knowing that other members of the family were in the same camp kept them alive. Since acknowledging each other would have meant death, they pretended to be complete strangers.

Manny Steinberg relates how he was served human flesh and was forced to shave the heads of female corpses and pull out their teeth. Cherishing a picture of his beloved mother in his wooden shoe, he miraculously survived the terror of the German concentration camps together with his father and brother.

When the Americans arrived in April 1945, Manny was little more than a living skeleton, with several broken ribs and suffering from a serious lung condition, wearing only a dirty, ragged blanket.

This WWII survivor autobiography was written to fulfil a promise Steinberg made to himself during the first days of freedom. By publishing his Holocaust memoirs, he wanted to ensure that the world never forgets what happened during the Second World War in Europe. The narrative of this Holocaust survivor book is personal, unencumbered and direct. The story set in Poland and Germany in WW2 is told through the eyes of an old man forcing himself to relive years of intense suffering. It is an account of human cruelty, but also a testimony to the power of love and hope. Outcry has become a classic of holocaust literature and human survival, and is recommended reading for college students and the younger generation in general.

How this book made me feel: Holocaust memoirs are my most favourite type of books about WWII. Why you might ask, it is cruel, horrible, disgraceful. Yes, that is true, but at the same time, it proves how powerful people actually are! I am truly amazed by all the survivors. They been through hell repeatedly, and still managed to survive and remain kind, and loving family men and women. It is simply amazing!

The blurb describes the book very accurately, this book starts when Manny was a little boy, he tells about his family and his daily encounters. Slowly the situation changes, and Manny and his family end up in a Jewish ghetto, surrounded by a fence, and ruthless Germans. This was the first time I had the ability to read about life in the ghetto as well as someone who was in the same camps as their brother or father. In the previous books I read, people normally used to be on their own snatched from their houses in the middle of the night. So, it was kind of refreshing to see this different side of the events.

I really admired Manny’s and his brother’s creativity to survive in the concentration camps. Both of them are incredibly smart and, to be honest, lucky men. This book is heartbreaking, filled with violence, torture, disgusting human actions which my brain can’t comprehend. So, if you are sensitive, this book is not for you. I really liked the writing style of this book, it is truly beautiful. It is not like a history textbook, crammed with facts, but more like cruel but an amazing evening story, told to you by your grandpa, where it catches your attention and you won’t go away until you will hear it all.

I really liked the way this book was divided into parts, describing each stage in Manny’s life. The chapters were pretty long, but the book was so engrossing to me, that the pages just flew by. Even though Germans are very ashamed of this period in history, it should not be forgotten! The generation who suffered in these events are dying, but I hope the memoirs will survive from not only those who suffered from Germans but as well of those, who suffered from Russians in the same concentration camps in Siberia, during WWII. I truly hope that these books will be read not only in Europe, which was affected but in other countries as well, especially in the US. As Manny mentioned in this book, they were all neighbours, they used to visit each other and were happy until racism, jealousy and violence were encouraged by the government, and that is what I see happening with Trump and his followers. 😦

So, please, do read this book, it is a horrible part of history, but it is a must know. It most probably will leave you heartbroken and disgusted with humankind, but at the same time, it will show how people survived in these terrible conditions.

A1TjrTWkXHL._UX250_.jpgAbout the Author: Manny Steinberg (1925-2015), born in Radom (Poland), spent his early years in German Camps, amongst which Auschwitz, Vaihingen an der Enz, and Dachau. Manny decided to write his autobiography “Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs” when the six years of living in camps was over. By writing his story, he fulfilled a promise he made to himself during the first days of freedom. The writing process took him ten years, and the fact that his “Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs” is being read by so many people across the world, made the author feel that he was finally being heard. He read every single review and was very grateful for all the appreciation. His book often ranked on the bestselling lists since publication in September 2014 and has been read and appreciated by more than 150.000 people.

Manny had never wanted to visit Germany again, until recently. In April 2015 the 90-year-old was invited, along with seven other survivors, to attend the commemoration of the liberation 70 years ago of his latest camp, Vaihingen an der Enz. It was an emotional visit during which he was joined by his family and friends. They also made a visit to Dachau. Manny sadly passed away on the 21st of December 2015.

Manny Steinberg’s life story has captured the miracle of one man’s determination to survive. The book is inevitably an account of human cruelty, but also a testimony to the power of love and hope. By publishing his Holocaust memoirs, the author wanted to ensure that the world never forgets what happened during WWII.

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