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#BookReview Playgroups and Prosecco: The (mis)adventures of a single mum By Jo Middleton


Thank You very much to the publisher – Ebury Press for the review copy.
ISBN13: 9781529103366
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Release date: 02 05 2019
Price*: Kindle £1.99 (GBP)/  Paperback £7.76 (GBP)
Kindle $2.49 (USD)/ Paperback $6.87 (USD)
Pages: ~ 400
My rating: 8/10
You can get this book here:
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What I learned from this book: That it is OK not to have an exciting life, eat what you want to eat, and drink when you feel like it. 🙂

Description of the book: Single mum Frankie’s whole life revolves around her kids. But when your toddler has a more active social life, something has to change. Forget ‘me-time’, Frankie would settle for some adult conversation, and watching something other than the Disney channel.

The local playgroup may be ruled by Instagram mums with perfect husbands but Frankie accidentally forms a splinter group of single parents. After all, Mummy really needs a playdate of her own. (Now pass the prosecco.)

How this book made me feel: I had a feeling, that this book is going to be fun and will brighten up my day, and it did! I was laughing out loud on many occasions, like at work or on the train, and most probably people thought I am crazy, but I just could not keep my face straight. 😀

The protagonist of this book is Frankie, a single mom of two girls, one is fourteen and the second one is four. The book is written as a diary and covers one year of Frankie’s life, and it was an amazing book to read. The main thing why it is so good, is because it seems real and very relatable. Frankie seems like any mother, tired, annoyed, and in need of “Me” time. 😀 I really liked Frankie as a character, she is hilarious, slightly too much into alcohol, and very likeable.

The narrative is not one of those books, where the mother gets an adventure of her lifetime. This book is like a real diary, with ups and downs, looking for romance on Tinder, dealing with a teenager and a toddler, making great friendships with like-minded people, work problems, lack of social life etc. This book has some great turns, and I was looking forward to those exciting or funny parts because sometimes it felt that the plot was just plodding along. (Just like real life does… )

I liked the writing style of this book, it was creative and incredibly easy and pleasant to read. The chapters are short and sweet, and the pages just fly by. The setting of the book doesn’t change much, but it gives the warmth and cosines to the book. I would not recommend this book to parents who want/ are expecting children, it might put you off a little.:D I don’t like children, and after reading this book, I am even more convinced that I don’t fancy having them any time soon. 😀 (They are petrifying! )

So, to conclude, this book is filled with a great variety of funny and very relatable characters, and the plot sounds very real and petrifying at times, but amusing and absorbing nevertheless. This book is perfect for any parent, but I think, that single parent can relate to it best. But in general, if you are looking for a book to make you laugh out loud, this one is a must-read! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

Thank You for Your time! ❤


B18cwCka0pS._SY200_.jpgAbout the author: Jo Middleton is an award-winning blogger, mum of two daughters, eater of Jaffa Cakes and drinker of gin. She lives in Somerset with her three cats, all named after fictional detectives. Playgroups and Prosecco is her first novel.

Website: / Twitter: @mummyblogger / Instagram: @slummysinglemummy


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