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#BlogTour #BookReview Oron Amular: 1. The Call Of The Mountain By Michael J. Harvey

Today I would like to welcome you all on my stop of the Blog Tour for Oron Amular By Michael J. Harvey and I would like to share an excerpt, with all of you. Thank you very much to Kelly from Love Books Group for the invitation. Please do show some love to all the wonderful book bloggers on this blog tour by following and sharing their work. 🙂

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Publisher: Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
ISBN13: 9781912863273
Genre: Fantasy
Release date: 28 11 2018
Price*: Kindle £6.99 (GBP)/  Paperback £7.19 (GBP)
Kindle $7.99 (USD)/ Paperback $15.99 (USD)
Free on Kindle Unlimited!!!
Pages: ~ 200
You can get this book here:
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Description of the book: The news goes far and wide. The Keeper of the Mountain has broken his long silence. Oron Amular, home of the fabled League of Wizardry, had been lost to mortal memory, but suddenly the legends are awakening again. Lords and princes, heroes and wanderers, all have felt the call of the Mountain. Curillian, the restless king of Maristonia, receives an invitation that cannot be ignored, knowing that invitations have also gone to his allies and adversaries alike. A Tournament is to be held, the like of which has never been heard of. The contestants can only guess at the purposes of the Keeper; all they know is that the prize on offer is Power Unimaginable. All are eager to claim the riches of a lost ancient world, but who can even find the Mountain, let alone survive what awaits them there? When the maps are blank and the loremasters at a loss, another way must be found. Such is the hour when a mysterious stranger crosses the threshold of Maristonia’s capital, someone with a call of their own to answer.  


Most petitioners would have been duped by the king’s evasive route, but not this one. His was a special petition, an urgent petition, and it had to be today. His task could not be delayed, nor his offer made again once the opportunity was missed. Unfamiliar though he was with the city, especially this part of it, some guiding force greater than the will of Curillian brought his feet to the right place. Hurrying at unaccustomed speed, he arrived in the nick of time, exploding out of the side street onto the main thoroughfare in a red blur. The king’s horse had only just enough time to rear to a sudden halt without smearing him into the road. The onlookers gasped. The spectacle of the great horse rearing over him was terrifying, and he cowered back onto the road, thinking at any moment that he would be trampled to death. Yet no sooner had the initial terror of the lead horse diminished than a second horse advanced up. A grim rider, hugely tall and menacing on his big steed, rode down on him, sending him scampering back along the road. A sword was unsheathed, but as it swung round into an attacking position, a voice of command rang out.

‘Leave him be, Lancoir.’

The rider of the first horse was on foot now and level with the other rider, who stopped advancing, but still stood high in his stirrups, a hovering, bullish menace. The dismounted rider walked ahead of the horses and confronted the armist whom he had nearly crushed. The newcomer now saw that, unlike the other mounted armists, this armist’s hood had fallen down in the near miss and a circlet of silver with a blue sapphire at its front was evident upon his head. He had not been led wrong: this was the royal riding.

‘My friend,’ said the king, ‘whatever your haste, I hope it was worth nearly being killed for.’

The younger armist could only just manage to speak in response, the shock still causing his heart to pound and his breath to come in frantic gasps.

‘Lord King, I came to offer you my service.’ At the mention of that title, a buzz went through the onlookers; they had noticed the jewel and circlet too, but now their suspicions were confirmed: the king was here. The king’s captain, who had seemed intent on trampling him, spat his derision.

‘You?! What service could a beggar like you offer us?’

The newcomer became keenly aware of his age-stained red and brown garments. He did indeed feel quite the beggar, but he was committed now; he might as well see it through. If the king was not amenable, then he had already done enough to merit the royal dungeons.

‘I know where you are going. I’m going to the same place. I can help you.’

Suspicion and wariness immediately came into the king’s bemused face, but soon they were joined by a strange expression which the newcomer couldn’t identify. They made a strange and vivid pair – the coroneted and mail-clad rider in rich green and black, and the dusty beggar in faded red – and Curillian suddenly became aware of the growing number of people watching, well within earshot. He strode resolutely towards his accoster; close enough so that only he could hear the next words.

‘Where am I going?’

The young armist now realised the need for discretion, despite having played the key role in its being thrown to the winds. He matched the king’s low tone.

‘Oron Amular, to the Mountain of High Magic. I can help you…I’ve been there.’

Wonder and surprise showed in the king’s face, but he mastered them within moments.

‘Come then, and we shall see if your claim is true. Woe betide you, though, if you have spoken falsely.’ He turned and beckoned to another senior-looking rider. ‘Commander, a spare horse for this armist; he comes with us.’ In startling speed, a horse with an empty saddle was brought up and the king remounted, ignoring the disapproving look of the knight beside him. In a trice, the whole cavalcade moved off again. They left behind them a bewildered crowd of city-dwellers rubbing their eyes and rummaging in their ears, wondering if they had really seen and heard what they thought they had.


The King’s Cohort, though, was long gone. They slowed just enough for the lead riders to go on ahead and arrange clear passage at the South Gate. The guards at the gate opened wide the passage and cleared the crowds aside, so Curillian and his party of 123 were able to sweep through without so much as breaking pace. In a blur of green and brown they left the city behind and entered the townlands beyond. Now they spurred into a full gallop and were flying eastward. A tournament beckoned them.

Thank You for Your time! ❤

Mike Harvey Pic.jpgAbout the author: Michael J. Harvey is a fantasy novelist with a taste for the epic. Astrom is the world that he has created and Oron Amular is the first of the novels to be set there. Michael loves writing adventure stories and draws his inspiration from history and historical fiction as well as from the world of fantasy. Michael loves to travel and has two degrees in history. Michael lives with his wife and two boys in Cambridgeshire, England.

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