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#GuestPost Oranges And Lemons By Paula F. Andrews @PaulaAAuthor


Publisher: Matador
ISBN13: 978-1838592066
Genre: YA
Release date: 19 11 2019
Price*: Kindle £2.99 (GBP)/  Paperback £6.47 (GBP)
Kindle $3.91 (USD)/ Paperback $11.56 (USD)
Pages: ~ 272
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Description of the book: Gregarious teenager, Jessifer Jordan, has always been loyal and open, and her love of acting has made her an expert in pretence. So, when six-year-old Victorian ghost, Adeline, appears in her life and Jess’s best friend won’t believe her, deceit becomes Jess’s natural ally. Previously fun-loving and sociable, she becomes serious and isolated in her quest to discover what Adeline really wants. Always curious, she finds herself whisked back in time to 1863 and into the clutches of a volatile doctor with an obsession for morphine.

As she journeys back and forth into the past, she realises that Adeline reminds her of her dead sister and her submerged grief resurfaces. Will her great aunt Ruby’s counsel help her? Can she outwit the deranged medic? And whose is that smoky cat which keeps turning up out of the blue?

Guest Post: The Inspiration for the story and characters of Oranges and Lemons

Have you ever had a Saturday job? As a teenager in the early eighties, I was thrilled to exit my weekend job — which I hated — in a hot, smelly café — that I also hated — and start a new one in a tartan shop. With a lovely boss, kind co-workers and better pay, the new job was a big improvement on the old. I liked learning about the tartans and helping international customers with their, often, strange enquiries, such as ‘Does this sweater contain animal fat?’ Yes, really.

But there was one thing about the job that completely captivated me. Working in a very old street in a city steeped in history, it was inevitable there would be a local ghost story. What I discovered was not some macabre or gruesome, tormented soul out to reap revenge. Instead, the ghost of a sweet little girl, the daughter of a doctor, was the spirit said to haunt Stonegate, in York. The tradition went that she’d sit on shop counters, pull on shop assistants’ sleeves and skip between the buildings of the street having a merry old time.

I worked in the shop for a year before I headed off to do my nurse training. But when I left, that little child left with me and I’ve carried her in my mind ever since. I’ve always been interested in spooky tales!

As for my fourteen-year-old main character, Jessifer, she too was captivated by the ghost. I invented Jess during a Writing for Children course. She was modelled partly on who I’d like to have been when I was a teen but wasn’t: a little bohemian, arty, strong and distinctive. (And I gave her a pet rat, called Jupiter, which seemed to suit her individuality.) My writing tutor described Jessifer as authentic and said I mustn’t waste her, so, I decided it was time to let the ghost and Jessifer come together in a story. Growing up in a city where echoes of the past are ubiquitous possibly helped me bring a strong sense of place to Oranges and Lemons. It also helped add authenticity to Jessifer’s time-slip visits to the opulent Victorian household where my little ghost, who I named Adeline, lived.

So, in my novel, Adeline the ghost sets about establishing a friendship with Jessifer. And she does it by singing the nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons. Adeline soon learns that when she sings, Jess responds. And when Jess responds and tries to figure out what Adeline wants, she gets caught up in a quest which causes confusion, hurt and isolation yet reinforces her endless tenacity, deep empathy and utter love and loyalty.

And, in case you’re wondering. . . I never actually saw Adeline. But, if you want to know what she looks like, check out my book! It’s called Oranges and Lemons and it’s published by Matador.

Paula F Andrews.

19779739.jpgAbout the author: Paula F. Andrews has been a nurse, midwife and craftsperson. She grew up in North Yorkshire and now lives in Glasgow with her husband and grown-up children. Writing seriously since 2012, she has won numerous prizes including Strathkelvin Writers’ Group overall prize for 2019 and the Scottish Association of Writers prize for YA fiction in 2017. She has also been published in Aquila and Scottish Memories magazine.


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