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#BookReview The Saddest Kitten By Holly Webb (Author), Sophy Williams (Illustrator) #ChildrensBook

Hello, Book Dragons! Today’s post is cuteness overdose, it is a children’s book about a kitten. 😉 I love all animals, but I would consider myself more of a cat lover. (I do love dogs, but never had one). How about you? Do you have a pet (s)? Tell me more about them! 🙂


And here is The Queen of my mom’s house, whom I simply adore… ❤ She is a senior cat, LOVES cuddles, and she used to be a stray. Now she is absolutely spoiled and deserves it. 😀

So, here is more about the book. 🙂

41B9lkSfwAL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_Thank You very much to the publisher – Little Tiger Books for the review copy.
ISBN13: 978-1788952217
Genre: Children’s Fiction (6 – 8 years)
Release date: 09 07 2020
Price*: Kindle £3.99 (GBP)/  Paperback £5.99 (GBP)
Kindle $N/A (USD)/ Paperback $5.99 (USD)
Pages: ~ 128
My rating: Really liked it.
You can get this book here:
Amazon UK
Book Depository
What I learned from this book: Sharing is caring. 😀

Description of the book: Isla loves hanging out at her best friend Hailey’s house, especially as Hailey has just got a gorgeous kitten, Silky! But someone isn’t so keen on the new arrival, the family’s old cat, Pickle. When Hailey’s family go away for the night, Isla offers to catsit. But to her surprise, Silky is more timid than usual. The kitten is clearly terrified of Pickle and Isla has to stop a fight between the two cats. How can Isla break the news to Hailey that her new kitten is so unhappy? A new story from best-selling author Holly Webb, perfect for animal-loving children, and fans of ZOE’S RESCUE ZOO and MAGIC ANIMAL FRIENDS.

How this book made me feel: I have seen many Holly’s books before, but never had the chance to read one, so I am very grateful to Little Tiger for adding this to the parcel of great books. 🙂

The protagonist of this book is Isla, she has one arm and is the best friends with Hailey. Isla really wants a kitten, but because of her two little sisters, her mom doesn’t really want to get one. So Isla gets pretty jealous when Hailey gets a second cat in her house. However, the kitten is not happy at all in the new home… I really loved that the author added kitten’s perspective to this book as well. I think children need to be taught that animals have feelings too and they don’t like to be mistreated or chased around.

It is a pretty short book, and the narrative is quite fast-paced but educational and enjoyable. The topics discussed were friendship, and it’s ups and downs, jealousy, territorial issues between cats and many more. The illustrations are very cute, and I really liked them. The chapters have a decent length, and it didn’t leave me bored. I really liked the ending of the book, even though it was predictable. 🙂

So, to conclude this mini-review, it is a very cute story about friendship, kittens and family. I am pretty sure little animal lovers will enjoy this book, and then will try to convince you to get one, if they already don’t have it. :D:D:D Do give this book or the whole series a go, and I hope you will like it. Enjoy!

Thank You for Your time! ❤


61b7ydRwPgL._US230_.jpgAbout the author: Holly Webb lives in Reading with her husband, three children, and three demanding cats. She started writing thirteen years ago while working as a children’s books editor. She now writes full-time, and has written over a hundred books, which have been translated into thirty languages. Her most recent titles are The Rescued Kitten, The Unwanted Puppy and The Princess and the Suffragette.
Facebook: Twitter: @HollyKateWebb

*-the price was taken from and on the current date. The price might change at the time of your purchase. The links used in this post for book purchases are affiliates.




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