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#BookReview Rosemary And The Witches Of Pendle Hill By Samantha Giles #ChildrensBook #MiddleGradeBook

Hello Book Dragons! Today is the publication day for this great read! So, I would like to share my review with all of you! 🙂 Do tend to read “Beach Reads” during the summer month? 


Thank You very much to the publisher – Agora Books for the review copy.
ISBN13: 978-1913099657
Genre: Children’s Fiction (Middle Grade)
Release date: 06 08 2020
Price*: Kindle £2.99 (GBP)/  Paperback £6.99 (GBP)
Kindle $4.99 (USD)/ Paperback $10.99 (USD)
Pages: ~ 270
My rating: I really liked it.
You can get this book here:
Amazon UK
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What I learned from this book: I wish I could see peoples auras.

Description of the book: My Mum is a witch. I know this to be a fact because:
a) She has a broomstick by the front door.
b) She does spells sometimes.
c) There are 4 other witches who live with us, that only me, Mum and Lois see.
We don’t really question their comings and goings. It was just normal to us until THINGS STARTED HAPPENING…

Rosemary’s cosy world is crumbling around her. Her Mum has finally landed an acting job and spends all her time with her slimy co-star; her Dad always seems to have a dark cloud hanging around him; her little sister, Louis, won’t stop farting; and, oh yes, Phyllis, one of the four witches they share their house with, has disappeared through the wall.

Meanwhile, a group who call themselves the No-Laws are wreaking havoc across the country, and why does everyone keep whispering about the Pendle Witches of 1612?

With the help of her windy sister and Adi, her maths-genius best friend, Rosemary sets off on a hazardous, magical journey. But can they solve the mystery of Phyllis’ disappearance and stop the No-Laws before Rosemary’s family is fractured for good?

Rosemary and the Witches of Pendle Hill is the debut children’s novel from Emmerdale actor Samantha Giles.

How this book made me feel: I found the blurb of this novel incredibly interesting, and really wanted to find out, what adventure this novel will take me on. And I was truly surprised by this novel and the writing. 🙂

The protagonist in this book is Rosemary and the book is told from her perspective. I really liked Rosemary, she is a very intuitive, intelligent, caring and adventurous young girl, that can see people’s moods or auras. I really liked the variety of characters chosen for the book, all the characters are very unusual and unique personalities. The adults are messy, strange, depressed, and that gave the book great vibes. 🙂 Rosemary’s parents did annoy me sometimes, especially the mother, she felt like a true artist, free soul kind of person, and I sometimes felt upset that Rosemary and her sister was kind of left to fend for themselves. 😦

I really enjoyed the narrative of this book, it combined many different topics and aspects such as mental health issues, child’s perspective of arguing or unfaithful parents, magic and mysterious creatures, friendships and love for crazy sibling, and lots of adventures! The combination of family life and the magical world was very well written and delivered. This book has plenty of interesting discoveries and funny moments that I absolutely loved. The author has a great passion for spells and magic potions, and it was very nice to see her knowledge used in this book as well.

The writing style was different from what I am used to when it comes to children’s books. It felt like a cross between YA matureness and children’s book simplicity, or something in between these two genres, and I really liked the way it was written. Even the characters felt childish, but kind of mature for their age, and I liked that. I liked the changes in the setting of this book as well. The chapters are medium length, but the book didn’t drag or left me bored. I think the ending of the book rounded up this story very nicely, and I hope there will be more adventures in the sequels to come.

So, to conclude, I really enjoyed this novel filled with the family’s life and its problems, as well as magical adventures in a different world. There is an amazing variety of characters to choose from, that are unique, strange but very intriguing to read about. I think this book can be enjoyed by all children, no matter what age they are, it has young characters, but they do feel pretty mature. It is a great debut, so do give this novel a go, and I hope you will like it as much as I did. 🙂

Thank You for Your time! ❤


B12V1EocGFS._US230_About the author: Samantha Giles is better known as an actor. Her most memorable role being regular character Bernice Blackstock in British Soap opera ‘Emmerdale’, which she played for 7 years, leaving in November 2019. She also played the regular character, Sally Boothe, in 3 series of ITV drama ‘Where The Heart Is’ as well as countless other TV guest roles and leads in theatre productions.

She started writing after a vivid dream she had and the result is her debut novel Rosemary and The Witches of Pendle Hill. During writing the book, which she juggled with filming, she swears she was channelling the late Freddie Mercury as his band’s songs kept popping into her head and therefore one of the character’s favourite bands had to be ‘Queen’ of course.

Samantha has had a lifelong fascination with Wicca and witchcraft and has a Facebook page called Samanthas Spells which is dedicated to her interest and like Rae, Rosemary’s mother in the book, Samantha makes and sells spell kits. She also loves animals, cats in particular.
Twitter: @sammeegiles / Facebook: @sam.giles.9231 / Instagram: @samanthajgiles

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