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#BlogTour #GuestPost The Next Innings By Rama Ramani

Hello, Book Dragons! Today I would like to welcome you all on the last stop of the Blog Tour for The Next Innings By Rama Ramani and I would like to share a very interesting guest post written by the author, with all of you. Please do show some love to all the wonderful book bloggers on this blog tour by following and sharing their work. 🙂

Publisher:Independantly Published
Release date:14 09 2020
Price*: $2.99
You can get this book here

Description of the book: Rama Ramani’s The Next Innings is a suspense fiction novel that employs the stream-of-consciousness technique at times. It interleaves time and life of a set of people, with various twists and turns. The primary plot is setup with Vishwanathan, a life coach, living in Chennai and a young couple, Jagan and Lakshmi, moving to San Francisco. What happens when their lives intersect forms the crux of the plot.

Vishwanathan lives in Maaya’s Presence with his humanoid assistant, Corlexa, and his dog, Future. There is a hidden room in the mid-flight landing which has a spiral stairway. Maaya’s Presence is a state-of-the-art apartment complex circular in shape and built with glass.

Simple love stories can carry profound meanings too. Two Indians, Lakshmi, an educator, and Jagan, an IT engineer, bump into each other in a bus. Unknown to them, their lives are about to take on new, unexpected directions as they fall in love and move to San Francisco after marriage.

Cricket is fused into the storyline via the character of Sandhiya Rajalakshmi. Sandhiya achieves her dream and takes Indian Women’s cricket to great heights and also leads a local Women’s Premier League team, the Chennai Wolverines. She works together with Thala, who joins the team as a head coach as his next innings.

Sudharshan is a young man who is trying to find his passion in life. He is a doting brother, who has a conflicted relationship with his dad. There is an element of youth brashness in him, putting him in tough situations, but eventually finding his calling in life. The storyline is a potpourri of emotions – dreams, optimism, challenges, and love. The metamessage of the novel is for everyone. The narration keeps the reader keenly engaged and ends with a question: What would you do in challenging times?

Guest Post: The creators have created a creator in all of us Who are the creators? By Rama Ramani

Let us do some pseudocoding. If belief == theist, then creators = god. Whether your belief system has one god or many, you are part of this one large group. So feel comfortable with your fellow theists. else If belief == science, then creators = neutrons + environment. Maybe the whole world was created when the right conditions were set up, and the experiment to create life was kicked off else belief = atheist, creators = don’t care. You consider yourself a more practical group and just believe in your current life. All these groups may have differing opinions on why things happen, if there is a rebirth, and so on. But all of them must believe in one thing – Death.

We all have a limited life and will be rebooted like a computer that crashes one day. Ok, back to creators. In order to come up with a more practical definition and one that all these diverse groups will agree. How about Creators = Parents? All of us were produced by someone who we didn’t choose and we just happened. Actually, we were reproduced. Why this term? Well, when something is reproduced, it is not original. And the term ‘re’ is prefixed to refer to being done again and again.

Maybe, humans aren’t original, aren’t perfect and have to learn, grow and reproduce their real self everyday. You may think your race, your sect, your belief system, your family, finally “I am superior” is true. You are not special. Nor am I special. We were created by different creators and landed here using more or less the same process and logistics. Heck, we are not even that different. When we consider ourselves imperfect, it is liberating. We must still strive for perfection but don’t have to be perfect at this moment. When you see other humans doing imperfect things or saying imperfect things, maybe we can forgive them. And when another imperfect human is delivering his or her imperfect creation, maybe we can encourage them and support them in an imperfect manner.

There is a creator within all of us. Not just the one who can give life to offsprings. The creator who can produce something and enjoy the process. There is no need to be perfect, no paralysis by analysis – well, we are imperfect, aren’t we?
• Our definition of creators may vary. Yet, we (the creation) are the same group. Let us be human.
• We are all imperfect. Let us give ourselves permission to create something and have fun as part of it
• Death is real. Time is limited. Covid-19 has made it real for the whole world at the same time. Time is limited.

Give life to your creation – a book, a blog, whatever. Enjoy the journey.

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