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#12ReviewsOfXmas #BookReview The Shadow Friend By Alex North

Hey Book Dragons! I am having so much fun sharing all these reviews with you! I hope you enjoy reading them. 🙂 On the tenth day of 12 Reviews Of Xmas I would like to share a review of one of my favourite books this year! It is spooky, twisty and overall absorbing. Enjoy! 🙂

Thank You very much to the publisher – Michael Joseph for the review copy.
ISBN13: 978-1405939287
Genre: Horror Thriller
Release date: 09 07 2020
Price*: Kindle £6.99 (GBP)/  Hardback £6.49 (GBP)
Kindle $13.99 (USD)/ Hardback $12.98 (USD)
Pages: ~ 368
My rating: I really liked it.
You can get this book here:
Amazon UK
What I learned from this book: That I don’t want to live in a small town.

Description of the book: Twenty-five years ago, troubled teenager Charlie Crabtree committed a shocking and unprovoked murder.

For Paul Adams, it’s a day he’ll never forget. He’s never forgiven himself for his part in what happened to his friend and classmate. He’s never gone back home. But when his elderly mother has a fall, it’s finally time to stop running.

It’s not long before things start to go wrong. A copycat killer has struck, bringing back painful memories. Paul’s mother insists there’s something in the house.
And someone is following him.

Which reminds him of the most unsettling thing about that awful day twenty-five years ago. It wasn’t just the murder.

It was the fact that afterwards, Charlie Crabtree was never seen again . . .

How this book made me feel: I absolutely loved the Whisper Man (review here), I was petrified while reading it, that is why I could not wait to get stuck in this book as well. And one thing for sure, this novel left me unsettled and creeped out as well.

The protagonist of this story is Paul. He has to come back to a miserable town where he grew up after he found out that his mother is about to die. Paul hates that town for so many reasons, but mainly because of what happened when he was young. This book is told from a dual perspective. Another character sharing details is Amanda, she is a detective, investigating a murder, that looks exactly like the one that happened many many years ago. Amanda has her own issues, and she is kind of a background character in this book. I liked Paul as a character, he was a good kid, he is awkward, but a nice guy. All the characters chosen in this novel are quite mysterious, and the whole book has a very depressing and gloomy atmosphere, that works very well in Alex North’s books.

The narrative of this novel is exceptionally well written. The author used a dual timeline, we have the events happening now, and the events that happened when Paul was young. My favourite was the ones from the past, of course. It absolutely absorbed me, I was so eager to find out what happened all those years ago. The parts from the present were quieter and more self-reflecting, sharing the inner struggles, but creepy nevertheless. This book is very twisty, and some of the turns really left me gobsmacked and surprised. The topics discussed in this novel were lucid dreaming, bullying, wish to belong, abusive parents, mental abuse, dementia and its effects, parent-child relationships, the influence of the internet and many, many more.

I really love Alex North’s writing style. He is amazing in creating suspense, and all the mind manipulation of the reader was truly amazing. 🙂 The chapters are quite short, I was engrossed in this novel, so the pages just flew by, for me. The ending was shocking and very unexpected, but I did like the way this novel ended. I hope someone will adopt this novel to a film, I am pretty sure it would be wickedly good. 🙂

So, to conclude, I really liked this horror psychological thriller. The characters are very mysterious and the plot is absorbing, layered and complex. This book left me emotionally shaken in the best possible way, and I really recommend to those, who would like something creepy. Enjoy! 🙂

Thank You for Your Time! ❤

About the author: Alex North was born in Leeds, where he now lives with his wife and son. He studied Philosophy at Leeds University, and prior to becoming a writer he worked there in their sociology department. The Whisper Man was a Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller, and is being published in more than 30 languages.
Twitter: @writer_north

*-the price was taken from and on the current date. The price might change at the time of your purchase. The links used in this post for book purchases are affiliates.

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