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#GuestPost And Heaven Too By Julie Tetel Andresen

Publisher: Popular Library
ISBN13: 978-0445210394
Genre: Historical Romance
Release date: 01 11 1990
Price*: Kindle £0.99 (GBP)/  Paperback £8.09 (GBP)
Kindle $1.35 (USD)/ Paperback $4.75 (USD)
Pages: ~ 382
You can get this book here:
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Description of the book: On a whim, straight-laced Judith Beaufort goes out for a ride and is abducted in a case of mistaken identity by a band of thespians headed by the rogue Charles Lambert. This small incident will have consequences far beyond Judith’s imagining, as she is quickly drawn into dangerous political intrigue and an unexpected relationship with the charming and disreputable Charles.

Guest Post: Thinking Long Term by Julie Tetel Andresen

As a novelist I know I need to keep up with publishing trends. But I am also aware that, after my forthcoming novel, my most valuable asset is my backlist. The question is: How do I keep my backlist fresh? That is, how can a story published under current conditions still sell under future conditions?

The short answer is: While paying attention to current trends, I try to choose topics that will have staying power.

And Heaven Too is a good example. I wrote it 30 years ago. It’s a historical romance set in 17th-century England. Warner Books was the original publisher. The story met the conditions of the publishing trends of the time.

My inspiration for the story was the baroque Italian artist Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1653). Years ago, I was lucky enough to come across her work and immediately fell in love with her painting Judith Slaying Holofernes (1612). So, I decided to construct a story where the painting itself was involved in the plot. I knew Gentileschi was an obscure artist, but I could see from the quality of her work that her obscurity was due entirely to the fact that she was a woman. I figured her time would come.

I didn’t know I would have to wait 30 years for her work to have its first major solo exhibition. But now it does. At the National Gallery in London, no less. This exhibition has been widely reviewed. Recently BBC News called Gentileschi ‘the Beyoncé of art history.’ All right! And now my story has new traction. It’s as if I had written it for what’s happening in the art world right now.

And Heaven Too is set in London of 1639 during the splendours of the reign of Italian art lover Charles Stuart. But civil war is brewing, the Vatican wishes to bring England back into the Catholic fold, and the Puritans want to shut down the licentious English theatres. My job was to whip up a merry romp with disgraced nobleman Charles Lambert, a troupe of ham actors, straight-laced Judith Beaufort, and two powerful noble adversaries. They are all trying to track down Gentileschi’s Judith Slaying Holofernes which has mysteriously gone astray.

Final note: The National Gallery has a collection of 2300 paintings from the 13th century through the early 20th century. Only 21 are by women.

About the author: Julie Tetel Andresen is a prominent American linguistic historiographer and romance novelist. Andresen is a Professor at Duke University where she has taught since 1986. Her primary appointment is in the Department of English.

Facebook: @authorjulietetelandresen

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