#BookSubscriptionBox #Unboxing Books That Matter – March 2021

Hello book Dragons! I hope you are doing good, and the time change did not affect you much. For the month of March, I chose Books That Matter book subscription box to unbox for you. I never bought this box before, and I did not really know what to expect from it. I am going to tell you a little bit about this box and then will show you what was in the box. Enjoy! ❤

About the Box:

“Books That Matter is a brand putting women’s writing in the spotlight through unique reading experiences. Our bestselling book subscription boxes each capture an immersive theme specifically to enlighten, educate and empower, all in a way that feels like a gift every single month. For just £17 a month, each box contains a book by female authorship, and at least 3 themed gifts by independent female creatives (gifts will include pens, tote bags, keyrings, badges, patches, art prints, and much more). Our brand also encompasses events with high profile authors, a podcast, an online members bookclub, and merchandise gifts too.” For more information please visit https://www.booksthatmatter.co.uk/

You can choose 1/3/6/12 month subscriptions or you can order a one month box without renewals. I was very happy with this option, because I wanted to try it out, and this option suited me very well for this project. Also, a single box is a great gift! 🙂 The bold parts were taken from the booklet that came with the box, to share why the organisers chose these items.

The Items in March 2021 box
A tea towel

We loved the idea of presenting art in an innovative way, and so we were thrilled to add some bookish joy onto the ultimate household essential: the tea towel. Whether you choose to frame it, or simply add a little spice to washing up – this tea towel is the ultimate reminder of the power of women not only as writers, but as readers too! 

This tea towel is absolutely stunning. It is pretty big, so I did have to crop the image. 🙂 My heart would not allow me to use it for washing up, I am planning to ask my mom to make a cushion cover from it, I think it would look superb!


When talking about herstory, it felt so important for us to raise awareness around female writers who have often been left out of the literary landscape. We worked with Judith (IG:@judith_p.raynault) to select three diverse female writers whose stories and achievements had inspired us. On these three gorgeous and bespoke prints you’ll find beautiful illustrations of Zora Neale Hurston, Sui Sin Far and Zitkala-Sa – alongside biographies on the back.

I really like these prints, they are pretty big, and I think they would look great in the frame. At the back of the prints there are names and a short bio of each person.

The scrunchie and snack

We also wanted our gifts to highlight the vibrancy of feminist writing, in doing so, we hoped to add a little modern twist to a box appreciating the classics. These bold and beautiful scrunchies are the ultimate hair accessory! We love the idea of celebrating femininity within feminism so we thought this would be the perfect accessory for a little pop in this box. Some are patterned and some are velvet, so each subscriber will receive something unique!

I have really long hairs, and recently scrunchies are a life savers for me because they don’t pull my hairs. My one feels silky and I really like the colours.

Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do, and we love working with small vegan brands to provide delicious treats in our boxes. Doisy and Dam is all about reinventing and reframing dark chocolate, making it something fun and unique! With bold packaging, flavours & picks, they place ethical practice at the heart of everything they do – ensuring we leave the world a little better off than before.

I always appreciate snacks in the boxes, especially chocolate. It will go very well with a cuppa and a book. 🙂

Period “equipment” 😀

A bonus gift of some organic period products from TOTM as a nod to raising awareness to Period Poverty and sustainable periods this International Women’s Day.

This is the most useful Item in the box! 😀 A very good variety of sanitary “equipment” for periods. It will be used up for sure. 😀

A bookmark and a postcard

These two items were a little cute bonus, because there was nothing mentioned in the “cheat” booklet. It is a double sided bookmark with a list of International Women’s Day Must-Reads. Also, there was postcard with a quote. Both of these items are a welcome addition to the box.

The book

I don’t normally read poetry. It requires a lot of looking between the lines and interpretation, and I don’t really look for that in the books. But I will give it a go, maybe there will be something I will enjoy. 🙂

The Blurb: With poems from classic, well loved poets as well as innovative and bold modern voices, She Will Soar is a stunning collection and an essential addition to any bookshelf. From the ancient world right up to the present day, it includes poems on wanderlust, travel, daydreams, flights of fancy, escaping into books, tranquillity, courage, hope and resilience. From frustrated housewives to passionate activists, from servants and suffragettes to some of today’s most gifted writers, here is a bold choir of voices demanding independence and celebrating their hard-won power.

Immerse yourself in poems by Carol Ann Duffy, Christina Rossetti, Stevie Smith, Sarah Crossan, Emily Dickinson, Salena Godden, Mary Jean Chan, Charly Cox, Nikita Gill, Fiona Benson, Hollie McNish and Grace Nichols to name but a few.

So, overall, I think this book is a good value for money, and it is always fun to support something that stands for empowering women. I really liked the tea towel, the scrunchie and the sanitary kit will be very useful indeed. I think it is a great treat to yourself or as a gift to a woman. That is all for March, and I am very excited for the April’s book subscription box, it is new to me, and I haven’t heard much about it. Stay tuned! ❤

Thank You for Your time!

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