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Hello, Book Dragons! Today I would like to welcome you all on my stop of the Blog Tour for The Map Maker’s Daughter By Caroline Dunford and I would like to share an extract from the book, with all of you. Please do show some love to all the wonderful book bloggers on this blog tour by following and sharing their work. 🙂

Publisher: SpellBound Books
Genre: Fantasy
Release date: 26 08 2021
Kindle £1.99 (GBP)/ Paperback $N/A (GBP)
Kindle $2.71 (USD)/ Paperback $N/A (USD)
Pages: ~ 225
You can get this book here:

Amazon UK
Amazon US

Description of the book: Sharra’s world is a terrifying place. Violent seismic ‘Shifts’ and outbreaks of an all consuming black fire radically alter landscapes on an increasingly frequent basis. Only the Map Makers can predict where Shift will fall, and Sharra, daughter to one of the most famous Map Makers, yearns to join their ranks and break cultural taboo, which forbids female cartographers.

Sharra’s father, Lord Milton, is one of the few to challenge the current order, but his shadowy past limits his political reach and his second wife, Lady Ivory, is determined to manipulate him to ensure a privileged future for herself and her daughter.

But nothing is as it appears. The study of The True Map, drawn by the original Map Makers, not only enables the prediction of Shifts, but it is also the source of an ancient power that binds the world together. Now it is failing, as modern Map Makers secretly cause Shifts for personal gain.

Everything is in danger…

Extract from the book:

‘Stop that! Stop it at once!’
Standing over the fallen horse, his whip still raised, the messenger freezes. He turns to see the two teenagers riding up. Both Jayne and Sharra are windswept and mud-splattered, but the colours of Milton Hold on their cloaks are still visible. The messenger drops his whip, but aims one last surreptitious kick at his ride.

‘What do you think you’re doing?’ Sharra’s green eyes glitter with anger.
The wind steals tendrils of Jayne’s white blonde hair from their plaits. Jayne brushes them away. Silently she watches her younger sister’s anger.
‘Answer me!’ The man ignores her and focusses on Jayne. She returns his gaze with a calm and distant one. Sharra, he can dismiss as yet another angry young one, but Jayne, a bare two years older, already carries an air of authority.
‘I’ve got maps to deliver. There’s a Shift due. I’d be obliged if I can borrow your horse, Miss.’
Jayne’s manner changes at once. She slides out of the saddle and drops down onto the ground. ‘Of course, you must take her. Sharra and I will share a horse home.’
The man nods his thanks and begins to untie the bags from the fallen horse.
‘What happened?’ asks Sharra more quietly.
‘Caught his leg in some hole, damn fool beast. I reckon it’s only a sprain, but the lazy . . .’ he looks up at Sharra, assesses her age and changes what he was going to say. ‘The lazy creature wouldn’t get up.’

The messenger straightens, one bag in each hand, and looks up at the suns. ‘Blast the World!’
‘What’s wrong?’ asks Jayne, but Sharra guesses at once.
‘It’s too late, isn’t it?’
‘I reckon there’s four hours before it hits.’
‘Where do you need to reach?’ Sharra says.
‘Harrbourgh and Malington.’
Jayne raises a hand to her face. ‘And you can’t reach both?’
‘Nope.’ He takes the reins from her and sets to lengthening the stirrups. ‘You’re Lord Milton’s daughters aren’t you?’ His eyes flick curiously from Jayne’s blonde head to Sharra’s dark curls.
‘Yes.’ Sharra identifies them both without hestitation.
‘Right then. I’ll ask you if you’ll be kind enough to take Malington’s maps back to the Hold with you.’
‘But the people . . .’says Sharra.
‘Will have to fend for themselves for once.’

‘Could you ask Camden Hold to help? They could send another rider. You could reach there and still have time to get to Harrbourgh,’ says Jayne
‘It’s not a bad thought, Miss, but Malington’s ours. Camden’s not prone to doing Milton favours. I don’t reckon they would risk a messenger and a rider.’
‘Even in a case of emergency?’ Jayne is shocked.
‘It’s not a Camden emergency.’
Sharra speaks up again. ‘You could get to Malington and back in fours hours.’
‘Maybe. But I’d not have time to reach Harrbourgh then. They lie in opposite directions, Miss.’
‘I know that,’ snaps Sharra. ‘I’ve seen the maps.’
The man raises an eyebrow in surprise. ‘If that’s so, you’ll know it’s not possible for me to reach both. I’m heading for Harrbourgh. It’s nearer.’
‘And safer!’ says Sharra
‘Hush. He’s right,’ says Jayne. ‘He has to reach the people he can. It makes sense for him to go to Harrbourgh. World bless Malington.’

‘B-but he can’t. The further away from the Hold the worse the Shift. Without the new maps they won’t know what’s happening. They won’t know where is safe!’ says Sharra
‘Now you understand why I was beating that damn fool horse. If the dispatch master had had the sense to send two of us, but oh no it’s always “we have to save the resources” when it’s folks outside the Hold are concerned.’
Sharra gave an unladylike snort. ‘Milton Hold isn’t like that. My father cares about . . .’ she broke off as she sees the messenger’s face harden and swallows down her anger. ‘We can’t let those people die.’
The messenger shrugs. ‘It’s out of my hands.’

About the author: Caroline lives for stories. Reading them. Telling them, Watching them. She can’t get enough of them. She can hypnotise people and she sings well in the shower. She enjoys cooking, but hates housework, and has managed to convince everyone who knows her that she doesn’t understand washing up. So much so that when friends visit some of them do it for her. Fortunately she also has a dishwasher. She always feels she didn’t make enough of her teenage years, and hopes that at least the teenagers in her books do!
Website :
Facebook: @CarolineDunford / Instagram: @thecarolinedunford / Twitter: @verdandiweaves

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