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#BlogTour #BookReview The Bloodless Boy By Robert J. Lloyd

Hello, Book Dragons! Today I would like to welcome you all on my stop of the Blog Tour for The Bloodless Boy by Robert J. Lloyd and I would like to share a review, with all of you. Please do show some love to all the wonderful book bloggers on this blog tour by following and sharing their work. 🙂

Thank You very much to the publisher – Melville House Publishing for the review copy.
ISBN13: 978-1612199399
Genre: Historical Mystery
Release date: 04 11 2021
Price*: Kindle £12.34 (GBP)/  Hardback £18.74 (GBP)
Kindle $16.80 (USD)/ Hardback $19.81 (USD)
Pages: ~ 464
My rating: I liked it.
You can get this book here:
Amazon UK
What I learned from this book: I liked learning about London in the XVIIth century.

Description of the book: The City of London, 1678. New Year’s Day. The body of a young boy, drained of his blood and with a sequence of numbers inscribed on his skin, is discovered on the snowy bank of the Fleet River. With London gripped by hysteria, where rumors of Catholic plots and sinister foreign assassins abound, Sir Edmund Bury Godfrey, the powerful Justice of Peace for Westminster, is certain of Catholic guilt in the crime. He enlists Robert Hooke, the Curator of Experiments of the Royal Society, and his assistant, Harry Hunt, to help his enquiry. Sir Edmund confides to Hooke that the bloodless boy is not the first to have been discovered. He also presents Hooke with a cipher that was left on the body.

That same morning Henry Oldenburg, the Secretary of the Royal Society, blows his brains out. A disgraced Earl is released from the Tower of London, bent on revenge against the King, Charles II. Wary of the political hornet’s nest they are walking into – and using evidence rather than paranoia in their pursuit of truth – Hooke and Hunt must discover why the boy was murdered, and why his blood was taken. Moreover, what does the cipher mean?

How this book made me feel: I absolutely loved the cover of this book, and was very intrigued after reading the blurb. I do love a good mystery set in historic London, the politics part though, not so much.

The book follows a variety of characters, but my favourite would be Harry Hunt. He is intelligent, ambitious, determined and his findings were the most intriguing for me. There is a wide variety of characters chosen for this novel and I found the index at the beginning of this book very handy, it can be a little tricky to remember who is who. I found all the characters mysterious and refined and exotic, there was a very lovely combination of personalities chosen for this book.

The narrative felt a little too slow for me. There were quite a lot of musings and philosophical thoughts throughout the book that were very suitable for that era, but not for me. I really enjoyed all the details about the murders and their investigations, that was what kept me going. The author pays great attention to detail when it comes to describing events and places and that allowed me to visualise the whole book better. There are plenty of political issues and situations discussed in this novel that were happening throughout that time, so if you like politics, this book is for you. 🙂

This novel is truly beautifully written, the writing style is rich, detailed, sophisticated and very nicely flowing. The author is very gifted. I really enjoyed the setting and atmosphere of this book, it was changing depending on the characters and never staying still. The chapters are pretty short and the pages just flew by. The ending of the book rounded this story nicely and left me satisfied with the outcome.

So, to conclude, it is a very well written and delivered historical mystery debut, filled with intriguing and exotic characters as well as a plot that is layered and multidimensional. I enjoyed the murder-investigation parts of the book, however, the political bit left me a little bored. I was expecting more investigation and less politics, but in this novel, they go side by side. 😀 If you like reading books based on true historic events, this political mystery might be right up your alley. 😉 So do give this book a go, and I hope you will enjoy it. 🙂

Thank you for your time! ❤

About the author: Robert Lloyd, the son of parents who worked in the British Foreign Office, grew up in South London, Innsbruck, and Kinshasa. He studied for a Fine Art degree, starting as a landscape painter, but it was while studying for his MA degree in The History of Ideas that he first read Robert Hooke’s diary, detailing the life and experiments of this extraordinary man. After a 20-year career as a secondary school teacher, he has now returned to painting and writing. The Bloodless Boy is his debut novel. He is at work on a sequel.

Twitter: @robjlloyd

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