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#BlogTour #Extract The Quiet People By Paul Cleave

Hello, Book Dragons! Today I would like to welcome you all on my stop of the Blog Tour for The Quiet People By Paul Cleave and I would like to share an extract from the book, with all of you. Thank you very much to Anne from Random Things Tours for the invitation. Please do show some love to all the wonderful book bloggers on this blog tour by following and sharing their work. :)

Publisher: Orenda books
ISBN13: 978-1913193942
Genre: Mystery
Release date: 25 11 2021
Price*: Kindle £3.79 (GBP)/  Paperback £8.99 (GBP)
Kindle $6.15 (USD)/ Paperback $15.95 (USD)
Pages: ~ 300
You can get this book here:
Amazon UK

Description of the book: Cameron and Lisa Murdoch are successful New Zealand crime writers, happily married and topping bestseller lists worldwide. They have been on the promotional circuit for years, joking that no one knows how to get away with crime like they do. After all, they write about it for a living.

So when their challenging seven-year-old son Zach disappears, the police and the public naturally wonder if they have finally decided to prove what they have been saying all this time… 

Are they trying to show how they can commit the perfect crime?

Electrifying, taut and immaculately plotted, The Quiet People is a chilling, tantalisingly twisted thriller that will keep you gripped and guessing to the last explosive page.

Extract: Chapter Two 

Only my son can’t be gone. Not really. That’s something that happens to other people, like car accidents, and cancer, and houses burning down. 

Do something. 

I’m still carrying Zach’s sandals. I’m still keeping my shit together. Of course I am. Kids don’t go missing. Not really. Except for when they do. Which this isn’t. Can’t be. Because this is a good area

This is a good city, and these are good people. I help the boy who ended up under my feet back to his. He’s the kid I saw talking to Zach. I kneel so I can face him. ‘Have you seen—’ 

‘Don’t hurt me,’ he says. 

‘I’m not going to hurt you,’ I say, and I reach into my pocket for my phone. He turns to go, and I grab his arm. ‘Please, wait,’ I tell him. ‘Let me show you a photograph.’ 

‘Get away from him,’ a man yells, storming towards me. He’s bald, maybe thirty, angry-looking. 

He isn’t the only one coming towards me. So is the mother of the twins. Also thirty, also angry-looking, with long dark hair tied back. The twin that ran to her is crying, and the one that is still in the castle is staring at me. I suddenly see it all from their perspectives. I’ve jumped in here and tossed their kids around like bowling pins. I get to my feet and climb out of the castle. 

‘I’m sorry,’ I say, putting my hands up, still holding the sandals. ‘I didn’t mean to—’ 

That’s as far as I get. The man who yelled at me shoves me hard in the chest. I fall back against the castle. 

‘Wait. I—’ 

What did you do to my daughter?’ the woman asks, her voice high-pitched, her finger pointing at me. She is standing next to the man who shoved me. I push myself off from the castle to get back to my feet. 


‘What are you? Some kind of child molester?’ she asks. 

No. Of course not. I—’ 

‘He had his hand on my son,’ the man says. 

‘I saw,’ the woman says. ‘He’s probably touched all the kids in here.’ 

‘I was just trying to—’ 

‘He hurt me,’ the boy says. 

I put my hands back into the air. ‘Wait, please, I—’ 

The man pivots on his feet and punches me hard in the stomach. I fall back into the castle, squashing the base of it, making the other twin spill out. Instead of getting back to my feet, I roll off the side and sit on the ground, winded. The man scoops up his son and walks away with him, but not before pointing down at me and telling me that if I ever hurt his son again he will kill me. 

The woman reaches for her other daughter, who is crying loudly, while her first daughter is crying a few metres behind her. ‘You should be ashamed of yourself,’ she says, then uses her phone to snap a photograph of me. 

I don’t answer her. I look back into the castle, in the hope that somehow Zach has reappeared. He hasn’t.

About the author: Paul is Christchurch born and raised, and other than a couple of years when he was living in London and bouncing around Europe a little, he’s always lived there. Paul wanted to write horror, and it was a few years in when he realised that crime – real-life crime – is horror. When he made that connection, he turned to writing dark crime fiction, writing first The Killing Hour, and then The Cleaner, in his mid-twenties. Not long after that Paul sold his house and lived with his parents so he could write full time – a gamble that paid off a few years later when Random House signed him up. From that point on he’s written dark tales set in his home city, introducing Joe Middleton – the Christchurch Carver, and Melissa, and Theodore Tate, and Schroder, and Jerry Gray, among others to the world.

Website: /Twitter: @PaulCleave / Facebook: @PaulCleave / Instagram: @paul.cleave

*-the price was taken from and on the current date. The price might change at the time of your purchase. The links used in this post for book purchases are affiliates.

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