#BookSubscriptionBoxReview #Unboxing The Abominable Book Club (October 2021)

Hello Book Dragons! For the month of October, I wanted something spooky for Halloween, and I think there is nothing better than the Abominable book subscription box.

“The Abominable Book Club is a monthly subscription box for the macabre-minded reader. When you sign up for The Abominable Book Club, you will receive a FULL GUTS package from us every month, containing:

  • a BRAND NEW Horror or Thriller book!
  • A Luxury snack made in the UK!
  • A mysterious, (probably haunted) secondhand book in the horror or thriller genre!
  • One of our featured magazines, including Black Static, The Ghastling and Hellebore!
  • An exclusive bookmark featuring micro-fiction written by Owen Morgan!
  • A handful of hot beverages to keep you warm at night!
  • And 1-2 bonus surprises each month…

Don’t want all the extra stuff? That’s cool, we have a books-only version too – just sign up for the BARE BONES edition!” The box costs £22.99+ P&P. You can find more info by visiting https://abominablebookclub.cratejoy.com/ So, here are all the items I received in this box.

All the items in the box
The stunning packaging of one of the books

The extra items

There was a wide variety of cute little gifts in this box. For snacking I got a box of milk chocolate ginger biscuits, two tea bags, a coffee bag, a cappuccino packet and a packet of hot choc. Also, I got one spooky bookmark and another bookmark with the abominable logo. The pin looks pretty scary and I loved the Full Guts sticker.

All the drinks and snacks are great reading companions and it does make the box look fuller. I really loved it. 🙂

1st Book

The blurb of the first book and you can get it here:

The Jordan Peele of horror fiction turns his eye to classic slasher films: Jade is one class away from graduating high-school, but that’s one class she keeps failing local history. Dragged down by her past, her father and being an outsider, she’s composing her epic essay series to save her high-school diploma.

Jade’s topic? The unifying theory of slasher films. In her rapidly gentrifying rural lake town, Jade sees the pattern in recent events that only her encyclopedic knowledge of horror cinema could have prepared her for. And with the arrival of the Final Girl, Letha Mondragon, she’s convinced an irreversible sequence of events has been set into motion.

As tourists start to go missing, and the tension grows between her community and the celebrity newcomers building their mansions on the other side of the Indian Lake, Jade prepares for the killer to rise. She dives deep into the town’s history, the tragic deaths that occurred at camp years ago, the missing tourists no one is even sure to exist, and the murders starting to happen, searching for the answer.

As the small and peaceful town heads towards catastrophe, it all must come to a head-on 4th July, when the town all gathers on the water, where luxury yachts compete with canoes and inflatables, and the final showdown between rich and poor, past and present, townsfolk and celebrities slasher and Final Girl.

2nd book in the box

I adore the cover art of this book, it’s absolutely stunning!!! Here is the blurb of this book and you can get it here:

Welcome, all, to the Sunshire Chateau: Lestershire’s premier tourist attraction. It sits high on a hill overlooking town, shrouded by tall trees and rumors of murder, scandal and intrigue. Tickets are hard to come by, so hold yours close, else the Tour Guide may not let you in. And that would be a pity, for there are so many things to see within these walls–history, glamor, and riches beyond your wildest imagination. Just remember the following rules: don’t wander off alone, don’t be rude to the Guide, and don’t, whatever you do, touch the valuables. Because the ghosts don’t like it when you touch their things.

3rd book in the box. Secondhand.

The third book was a second-hand book with a very creepy cover. 😀 Below is the blurb of the book and you can buy it here:

Harold Pierce didn’t mean to kill his baby brother all those years ago. He didn’t intend to incinerate him in a fire but he did and he has spent most of his adult life in a psychiatric hospital because of that. Upon release, he is given a job as a hospital porter but that job involves the burning of aborted foetuses and the memories of what happened to his brother begin to torment Harold. In the small town where he lives the terror is mounting because of the escape from the prison of psychopath Paul Harvey. Within days of his escape, a horrifying series of murders begins but there is much worse to come. Pierce and Harvey, both disturbed and guarding terrible secrets, are about to unleash a terror beyond belief…

So, to conclude, I really liked this book subscription box. It was perfect for Halloween, but if you are one of those people who celebrates spookiness every month, I think this box is perfect for you. 😉 I really liked the extra items as well, they were creepy but useful and fun at the same time. Plus, I think it is pretty affordable and good value for money. 🙂 For this month I have something inexpensive and cute planned, can’t wait!

Thank you for your time! ❤

5 thoughts on “#BookSubscriptionBoxReview #Unboxing The Abominable Book Club (October 2021)

    1. They do! And those editions are vintage ones, I could not find the same book on amazon. 😀 Plus they are packed brilliantly! I’m taking wax seals and fake blood splatters, LOVED IT! 😀


      1. What nice touches–I’d love those too; great to see someone taking trouble over finding vintage eds and also the little spooky touches they add.


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