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#12ReviewsOfXmas #Day9 #BookReview #ChildrensBook Secrets By Jacqueline Wilson

Publisher: Yearling
ISBN13: 978-0440867616
Genre: Children’s Fiction (9-11 years)
Release date: 01 03 2007
Price*: Kindle £4.99 (GBP)/  Paperback £5.99 (GBP)
Kindle $6.60 (USD)/ Paperback $16.13 (USD)
Pages: ~ 320
My rating: I liked it.
You can get this book here:
Amazon UK
What I learned from this book: That parents traumatise children without even realising it.

Description of the book: India lives in a large, luxurious house with a mum she can’t stand and a dad she adores, though he hasn’t had much time for her recently. She seeks solace in her journal, which she keeps in sincere imitation of her heroine, Anne Frank. Treasure lives on the local council estate with her loving and capable grandmother. She is devoted to her nan but lives in fear of having to go back to live with her mother and violent stepfather.

A chance meeting sparks a great friendship between the girls. And when Treasure has to run away to avoid her stepfather, India comes up with a hiding place inspired by her favourite writer. India hasn’t got a real secret annexe like Anne Frank – but she has got a hidden attic . . .

How this book made me feel: The blurb describes this book very accurately, but sometimes, children can get too invested in their fantasies. 😀 I think this book is “wrong” on soooo many levels… 😦

The protagonists of this story are India and Treasure, two completely different girls. India has rich parents and everything money can buy, but she has no friends, a nagging and weight-obsessed mother and a father who does not pay attention anymore. She is extremely lonely… Treasure, on the other hand, suffers from an abusive stepfather, irresponsible mother, and is kind of forced to hide in grandmother’s council flat. Treasure is very friendly and helpful and petrified to go home. By sheer accident these two girls become friends, and they do kind of save each other from the grim reality they are in.

The narrative is telling the life story of these two girls, their daily worries and their not very pleasant lives. This story has sooo many life lessons to offer, and it did make me so mad at the parents! Their stupidity and inability to care boils my blood! I liked that the author introduced Anne Frank to the little girls, Anne has plenty to share with young readers, and I hope it will encourage them to read her diary. 🙂 The topics discussed in this book are abusive relationships, teenage pregnancies, horrible parenting, infidelity, loneliness, weight issues, fear, mental health issues and many many more.

The author, like always, is not afraid to write about difficult topics, and her writing style is very educational. The book is set between two different worlds, rich vs. poor, and it gives a taster of both. This book does not have many illustrations, and because of the long chapters, this book was a little bit of a quest for me. The ending of the book rounded the story nicely, and I was happy with the outcome.

So, to conclude, this book is quite a difficult read, filled with complex and neglected protagonists, as well as horrible parents. But their unusual friendship saved their lives in an unexpected way. I really liked this book, and I hope that this book will be read not only by children but by adults as well, we all have something new to learn. 🙂

Thank You for Your time! ❤

About the author: Jacqueline Wilson wrote her first novel when she was nine years old, and she has been writing ever since. She is now one of Britain’s bestselling and most beloved children’s authors. She has written over 100 books and is the creator of characters such as Tracy Beaker and Hetty Feather. More than forty million copies of her books have been sold. As well as winning many awards for her books, including the Children’s Book of the Year, Jacqueline is a former Children’s Laureate, and in 2008 she was appointed a Dame. Jacqueline is also a great reader, and has amassed over 20,000 books, along with her famous collection of silver rings.

Website: / Facebook: @jacquelinewilsonfanclub / Twitter:@FansofJWilson

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