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Hello, Book Dragons! Today I would like to welcome you all to my stop of the Blog Tour for The Curfew By T.M. Logan and I would like to share a review, with all of you. Thank you very much to Tracy from Compulsive Readers for the invitation. Please do show some love to all the wonderful book bloggers on this blog tour by following and sharing their work. 🙂

Thank You very much to the publisher – Zaffre for the review copy.
ISBN13: 978-1838776022
Genre: Domestic Mystery
Release date: 17 03 2022
Price*: Kindle £7.19 (GBP)/  Hardback £12.99 (GBP)
Pages: ~ 480
My rating: I liked it.
You can get this book here:
Amazon UK
What I learned from this book: That parents don’t know their children as well as they think they do.

Description of the book: The curfew
Andy and Laura are good parents. They tell their son Connor that he can go out with friends to celebrate completing his exams, but he must be home by midnight.

The lie
When Connor misses his curfew, it sets off a series of events that will change the lives of five families forever.

The truth?
Because five teenagers went into the woods that night, but only four came out. And telling the truth might mean losing everything…

How this book made me feel: I started reading T.M. Logan’s books just recently, and I thoroughly enjoyed Trust Me (review here), so when I was offered a chance to review his latest book, I grabbed the opportunity. I have to admit, I was expecting a little bit more from it.

The narrator and kind of protagonist of this book is Andy, but some of the other characters do “chip in” from time to time as well. Andy is a GP, and his 16-year-old son Connor becomes a suspect in a missing girl’s case. I did not really like Andy as a protagonist, he always sounds confused, naive and not very intelligent. He is just like a real-life dad, and his thoughts about his son made me roll my eyes while reading. 😀 My favourite character has to be Harriet, she is 12 year old Connor’s sister, a computer wizard that has the most common sense in this novel, and I found her super cool and admirable. 🙂 I liked reading different perspectives of the events, they were an intrigue factor that was needed from time to time.

The narrative is filled with parental worry and denial. Andy shares a lot of his worries and thoughts while trying to find out what actually happened the night of the disappearance. I really enjoyed the little discoveries along the way and the relations between the characters in general. The topics discussed in this book were cancer, loss, grief, parent-child relationships, teenagers and their behaviour, drug abuse, family relationships and many more.

The writing style of this novel was enjoyable but a little bit repetitive at the same time. The chapters a pretty short and the pages just flew by for me. I really liked the setting of the book, it was always changing. The ending was unexpected to me and I think it rounded this book very well.

So, to conclude, I think it was a riveting exploration of the fatherly psyche when it comes to his children and their safety. I read quite a few books about motherly devotion, this novel explores fatherly devotion and how far he would go to protect his child. I found it refreshing, amusing and entertaining but at the same time a little bit cringe. 😀 I hope you will give this book a read and will enjoy this mysterious story.

Thank you for your time! ❤

About the author: T.M. Logan is a Sunday Times bestseller whose thrillers have sold more than 1 million copies in the UK and are published in 18 countries around the world. The Holiday was a Richard and Judy Book Club pick and will soon be a major TV drama. Formerly a national newspaper journalist, he now writes full time and lives in Nottinghamshire with his wife and two children.
Twitter: @TMLoganAuthor

*-the price was taken from and on the current date. The price might change at the time of your purchase. The links used in this post for book purchases are affiliates.

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