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#BookReview #GraphicNovel #Comics Judge Dredd: America (Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection #1) By John Wagner, Colin MacNeil (Illustrator)

Publisher: Hachette Partworks Ltd
ISBN13: 9781781083703
Genre: Graphic Novel
Release date: 21 01 2015
Price*: Kindle £N/A (GBP)/  Paperback £7.15 (GBP)
Pages: ~ 200
My rating: Really liked it.
You can get this book here:
Amazon UK

Description of the book: IN MEGA-CITY ONE, THE JUDGES ARE THE LAW, acting as judge, jury, and executioner. But how do the citizens really feel about a system where they are powerless? America Jara and Bennett Beeny grow up as best friends, living a fairly trouble-free life in a dangerous city… bar the odd encounter with a Judge. Time draws them apart, and when they are brought back together, Beeny is a successful singer and America has become involved with a terrorist organisation with the Judges in its sights! Written by John Wagner (A History of Violence) with art by Colin MacNeil (Judge Dredd: The Chief Judge’s Man) this dark and complex tale is a true 2000 AD classic!

How this book made me feel: Revelation Time! I have never read a single comic with Judge Dredd, and really had no idea who he was, until my colleague at work told me all about him. 😀 I found this book in the book exchange place, and of course, I had to read it. 🙂

Beeny is the protagonist of this story, and Judge Dredd, is kind of a supporting character, that is very involved with the main characters. America was Benny’s best friend, childhood love, and a woman, who chose to fight for what she believed, making her a terrorist of the country. Beeny tries to save America from her chosen way of life, but she is too stubborn to listen.

This novel is theatrical, filled with broken hearts, guilt, love and fighting for one’s beliefs. It has a couple of different stories in this book, that allowed me to see, that Joe Dredd is actually a really humane and troubled man. He is not a cold-blooded murderer of criminals, he actually very strongly believes in justice. I really liked this novel and the stories it had to offer. I enjoyed the twists and turns, and the artwork was really well done and beautiful.

The writing style was quite easy to follow, and the chapter length was pretty decent. As I mentioned before, this was a collection of stories, and after reading them, I want to learn more about Judge Dredd. 🙂

To conclude, I wasn’t expecting this novel to be this dramatic and profound, I thought it was going to be something like Marvel, an easy, action-filled one, and I was very pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the complexity of the characters and the plot was very absorbing. If you, like me, had no idea who Judge Dredd was, I think it is about time to become acquainted with this introverted superhero. I hope you will like him as much as I did. 😉
Thank You for Your time! ❤

About the author: John Wagner is a comics writer who was born in Pennsylvania in 1949 and moved to Scotland as a boy. Alongside Pat Mills, Wagner was responsible for revitalising British boys’ comics in the 1970s, and has continued to be a leading light in British comics ever since. He is best known for his work on 2000 AD, for which he created Judge Dredd. He is noted for his taut, violent thrillers and his black humour. Among his pseudonyms are The best known are John Howard, T.B. Grover, Mike Stott, Keef Ripley, Rick Clark and Brian Skuter.

*-the price was taken from and on the current date.


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