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I started reading when I was little, and for years I used to be fascinated by these amazing new worlds and incredible lives, which I learned about through books. It is magical!

When You read, You should travel to a different world. But some of the books do not take You there. That is why this page is created. I would like to share my honest reviews of the books I read, and how they made me feel.

I live in London and absolutely love it. Apart from reading, I love sleeping, travelling, nature, music and the Internet. I really, really love the Internet. 😀 The people who inspire me would be all the wonderful women that work(ed) hard to achieve their dreams, just like Lilly Singh aka Superwoman.

I am quite new to book reviewing, but I am trying to learn, and improve myself, and this blog. So far, I find the Book Blogger’s community incredibly welcoming, warm and supportive, and I am enjoying this experience a lot.

I hope You will find my reviews useful, and it will help You choose only the best book experience.

Have a wonderful day, filled with unforgettable adventures !!! ❤