Review Policy

Hello, and thank you very much for your interest in getting your book reviewed on my blog. Here are some guidelines from me to you, to make our lives easier. Currently, I am NOT able to accept review requests, I would like to catch up with that ever-growing pile on the shelf. However, to help and promote the books, I might consider sharing a guest post written by the author, or an extract from the book (up to 500 words). 

~ My Books ~

I normally request books on NetGalley, borrow from the library, buy myself, or request from the publishers. I always write if it was a review copy (ARC) at the beginning of my reviews.

~ Genres I Like ~

The genres I normally read are:
– Mystery and Thriller
– Horror
– Crime
– Women’s Fiction
– General Adult Fiction
– YA
– Historical Fiction (WWI, WWII)
– Fantasy

-Children’s Fiction

~ I Accept ~

The types of books I accept are:
– Physical copies
– Kindle supported formats. (Mobi./Epub.)

~ My Rating ~

I use a 10 point system for my reviews, only because it is easier for me. Here is an overview of each rating:
10 – I absolutely loved it!
9 – I loved it!
8 – I really liked it.
7 – I liked it, but…
6 – It was ok
5 – It was ok, but…
4 – I read it and found a few interesting lines.
3 – I read it, but what was that?
2 – It’s not me, it’s you.
1 – Read a few chapters and no, thank you.

~ Where I Post My Reviews ~

I currently post on:
My blog:
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads/bookinspector/

Amazon UK
I promote my reviews on Twitter: @Book_Inspector
I promote physical book copies through Instagram: @book.inspector
If you wish review posted elsewhere, please let me know in advance.

~ What You Need To Know~

I am the only one who reads and runs this blog, so the time frame for posting reviews is affected, but I will try my best to review all the material I receive. That means, that by accepting or receiving a book, I do not guarantee that it will be read immediately or posted on the blog immediately. I do live quite a hectic life, and I read whenever I can.

It does not matter from where I get the books, it is my honest opinion about the book, and I do not get paid from no one for any of my reviews. All the reviews are my personal opinion about the books I read, and in my blog, I do post negative reviews. If I collaborate with any brand, it will be written that it is a collaboration. By sending a review request to me, you are acknowledging that a review may be negative, and I will try my best to be respectful, and not to bash the book. I would appreciate that you would accept it as my opinion about the book, and would not be rude to me personally.

Moreover, sometimes I use art (drawings, paintings) and photography with book covers as a background or next to it. Usually, it is related to the characters or plot of that book. Normally, I do link the authors of that art or picture, to spread their talent, and if you have something against it please let me know in advance. (I do not link authors of pictures used from license-free websites)

~ Blog Tours ~

I would love to participate in Blog Tours, and Blog Tour books will have a priority on my reading list. I post a review once a week, I will be willing to amend the days for a Blog Tour. However, please keep in mind, that I would need the book at least a week before the post date. If I don’t receive the book at least 7 days before the post is scheduled, I will consider the agreed post cancelled. Unfortunately, I reserve the right to refuse to participate, if I will think that I will not like the book. (It’s best for both of us 😉 )

I will try my best to respond to all requests, but if you haven’t heard from me within 48 hours, it means I am not interested. I do use affiliate links in my blog with the book prices at the time of the search. The prices might be different at the time of purchase.

~ Contact Me ~

You can contact me via the form in the Contact page or you can email me at
bookinspector (@) gmail (dot) com